I think this completely belongs here, I am an EE by trade but I wish there was a greater diversity of Hacks here not just electronics and FW. IMO what distinguishes HAD from other, similar sites, is that it tends to favor utility over art.
Friends of mine were renting a house with a pizza oven in the back yard, and building a wood fire in it brought the temperature over 1000F. There is a NZ magazine that covers both the outdoor pizza oven and the most comprehensive smoker you could build. Outdoor Pizza Oven Kits when customized will make a dramatic impact on your backyard landscape and provide lifelong lasting memories.
You can also incorporate one of our outdoor pizza oven kits into an existing space or patio. This entry was posted in DIY Pizza Oven, Outdoor Entertaining, Outdoor kitchens, pizza oven kits, Wood Fired Pizza Recipes and tagged outdoor oven kits, outdoor pizza oven kits, pizza oven kits.
Imagine the pizza parties and outdoor entertaining with this kitchen that has the Chicago Brick Oven front and center! This entry was posted in Chicago Brick Oven Company, Outdoor kitchens, pizza oven kits and tagged Chicago Brick Oven, outdoor kitchen, pizza oven kits. Joel of Ilog Maria inspired me and started me off with the design and then the building of our oven based on your design and his experiences. I started building our oven in July of 2009 and got it partially completed a month after having started it. Our father passed away a month before and my siblings got together including a brother and a sister who were abroad.
It was such a personal fulfillment for me and a great activity for family bonding that we just kept on baking pizzas even without the insulation and a chimney. A few months after, I got around to completing the insulation and the oven was able to retain heat much better. Now that the summer months are over and we’re in the cooler months leading up to Christmas my wife gave me an ultimatum to finish the oven and put up the chimney or we would not be making any trips up to the farm. It took longer for me to conceptualize the chimney because I wanted to build a little fireplace below the oven so we could light a small fire on cold days and enjoy baking pizza in the wood fired oven at the same time. I had to split the smoke chamber and invert their orientation from left to right and vise-verse in order to have the flue on either side of the oven.
Thank you so much for your unselfish tutorials and information and helping us build our precious oven.
Plan to build wood fired oven in Leyte can you share info , address I can secure fire brick and other materials, insulating material ..
My oven inside is 48 inches wide my friend said it was a high dome form that the ratio door opening has too be 63 % of dome hieght can you help with this? How could I get detailed plan on Tony’s Pizza oven fire place combination from Manila? To link to Mto brick oven with fireplace under a hut article, copy & paste the following code into your website. The Stone Bake Oven Company are proud to reveal their latest partnership with Jean-Christophe Novelli. Jean-Christophe Novelli, a 5 out of 5, AA rosette and multi Michelin Star award winning chef has chosen a commercial wood fired oven by The Stone Bake Oven Company for installation in his Cookery School in Hertfordshire. Dubbed “The Nations Favorite French Chef,” Jean-Christophe Novelli’s Cooking Academy is now offering wood fired cooking courses using the Stone Bake Oven Company’s range of professional stone ovens, enabling many passionate professional and novice chef’s the ability to learn how to cook in a wood fired oven.
Cooking in a wood oven is an age-old cooking technique, which has recently experienced an international revival. Kiln dried before dispatch, an oven from The Stone Bake Oven Company arrives ready to use, with no laborious curing fires.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Amateur chefs all should request the construction of  brick oven in their new home or as an outdoor kitchen addition. Brick pizza ovens come in several shapes and sizes so you need to find a plan that meshes with your design requirements. Italy is world renowned for their pizza, roasted meats, focaccia and other breads, all baked in brick ovens. If you are handy around the home and can follow brick oven blueprints or design diagrams, you could build your own brick oven to bake pizza, bread and other goodies.

However, if you want to ensure your brick pizza oven and outdoor fireplace is built properly and can pass local building codes, hire a contractor. If you go the contractor route, you can exert some control by choosing the oven plan and brick oven blueprints yourself as well as the finishing touches such as decorative tile and bricks and other masonry details. If money is an issue with a contractor, you might be able to save a little bit on your budget by building the foundation for the oven yourself. Hardcore pizza lovers even consider the wood fired pizza oven to be the only way to make authentic tasting pizza, and with that in mind, there are many old world Italian restaurants and pizza shops that insist you must build a wood fired pizza oven to truly make pizza. To the true pizza purist, pizza baked in a wood fire pizza oven tastes better than the modern gas oven. These old world Italian pizza makers all used the wood fired oven for making pizza and cooking in general.
Making pizza in these ovens made the crust of their pizza crisp, while properly heating the pizza and making the toppings chewy.
By the end of World War II, service men sought out the tasty pizza that they have been introduced to while fighting in Italy making the pizza as important and loved as apple pie! The homemade pizza oven has been popular since the early 1990’s with many manufactures putting their spin on the pizza oven, offering a variety of ways you can cook pizza at home, from countertop cookers to oven inserts made from stone or brick. Many health and nutrition experts also offer exciting recipes that you can use to make super nutritious varieties of pizza that can be cooked in your homemade pizza oven and frozen for quick dinners later. We love to using our garden produce, homemade dough, and fresh farmer’s market mozzarella to whip up a tasty pie in the summer. He removed the soil and side walls, laid down a bed of pea gravel, then started building the brick base for the oven. There are many builds that can be found on that site, anywhere from rustic to over engineered.
The method we used was to create the rounded base from a block of airated concrete (it’s easy to cut, can hold the weight, and creates great insulation).
Cooking wood fired food like Pizza, whole roasted chickens,  apple wood fired salmon and  steaks flavored with fruit wood provide unique flavors and textures you just cant get with conventional cooking or grilling.
Look at the picture gallery of some beautiful custom outdoor pizza oven kits our customers installed.They used a variety of finishes, textures and designs to create unique one of a kind outdoor pizza ovens that make a bold statement. Check out the image below from a recent custom Chicago Brick oven that started with one of our pizza oven kits. For a consultation on building your dream outdoor kitchen contact The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company, we are experts with the entire line of Chicago Brick Oven wood burning pizza oven’s.
It was already functional even without the insulation and we had our first pizza party for our family reunion.
If you do make it to the Philippines we’d be happy to have you stay at our farm if you have the time.
Can you share any details on the venting for the fireplace as this is key to the whole project? I will have a look at it, email me (link in top-right corner on home page) photos of your oven; structure from outside and also inside and the entrance. Set in the picturesque rural village of Tea Green in Hertfordshire, The Jean-Christophe Novelli Cooking Academy are now offering wood fired cooking courses using the Stone Bake Oven Company’s range of commercial wood burning ovens. Known for their excellence in cooking authentic pizza, wood fired ovens have far more to offer than just pizza and breads, with the ability to cook roasts, smoke meats, bake desserts and much more.
The Stone Bake Oven Company also sell a range of affordable indoor and outdoor pizza ovens for individuals that want restaurant dining at home.
If you are incorporating a brick oven into the kitchen of your new home construction, you may be limited to specific plans that would fit the space and safety requirements of local building codes.
It is a project that could take weeks on your own; however, the good news is that the materials for construction are readily available at your local home improvement centers and masonry supply companies. Leveling the surface and pouring a concrete foundation will save the contractor some time and you money. Choose a location, if outdoors, far enough away from your home as well as a place free of trees and overhanging limbs for safety reasons. There is even the outdoor pizza oven that can be set on your existing outdoor barbeque, and even a stand alone brick model. There are also many other ways to use your pizza oven, such as making fresh fruit tarts, pastries, and even calzones. But it can be tricky to cook it on the grill and we hate heating up the oven when it’s hot out.

The base is insulated by encasing beer bottles in a bed of clay which he harvested locally. I dug a 12″ foundation hole, filled it with rubble and gravel, and am in the process of refining the clay that came out of said hole.
But they both essentially built a clay mud structure and fired it like a kiln to vitrify the site-built bricks.
We then nailed a hinge with a length of 2×4 lumber on it to the centre of the circular base. Check out one of my favorite outdoor pizza ovens made with one of our outdoor pizza oven kits. They use a beautiful combination of materials textures and colors to create this dramatic look!
I am actually looking for a designer, can you share with me who is your designer for your brick oven (need a detailed design). Plus it’s such a good feeling to take your design to implementation with your participation all the way.
I am not familiar with oven building and I was wondering if you could share your plan with me. Carry on the excellent works guys I will have some water heating system incorporated into my oven too. Pizza, bread and other baked goods are simply phenomenal when baked in a fire-fed brick oven.
However, if you are looking at brick fireplace designs for an outdoor living area, you have the opportunity to choose a more elaborate plan.
If you want to have the same experience, the construction of brick oven is the best way to duplicate it.
Having a pizza oven at home is a fast, simple and inexpensive way to make fresh pizzas that your whole family will love.
Khalili got the idea from touring old kilns in his native Iran (at the time of the Shah of Iran). That creates a jig which can move through a full dome of motion while always pointing to the bottom centre. Send only large images, as they originally come out from camera, large photos allow me to see better details.
Either way, no difference in oven performance will be visible, both approaches perform equally well. You can roast meats and even bake casseroles and cakes, all without worrying about cleaning an oven because the heat from the fire burns out any grease or food droppings!
Many Italians have round shaped pizza ovens three to four feet in diameter inside which can hold multiple items at one time. You want the construction of brick oven to integrate with your current and future outdoor amenities. To support the clay during construction he built a dome of wet sand and covered it with damp newspaper.
If you can find it the translated book (from Farsi) is worth the read just to get a view of the political situation in Iran at the time. The dome can then be constructed from bricks, using the jig to get the angle and location right. However, if you feel that you would not use that much baking space, a smaller barrel shaped oven might be more appropriate. If you have the opportunity to design the kitchen in your new home or add to your outdoor living space, consider the construction of brick oven. The final step (not shown above) is to build a little shelter to ensure the elements don’t wash away your hard work. Ray Meeker claims to have solved the energy problem in the firing (Khalili used oil-fueled burners) but didn’t communicate it on his website.

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