The Diablo High-Speed Steel Forstner Bit drills straight, angled and overlapping holes in all types of wood without splintering.
Varathane Premium Wood Stain penetrates up to twice as deep as competitive brands to reveal the beauty of natural wood grain.
Varathane Foam Stain is a revolutionary concept in wood staining that gives maximum stability and control.
Varathane Foam Stain is a no mess, revolutionary concept in wood staining that gives you maximum stability and control like never before.

Learn how to make rip and cross cuts, to set up jigs and fixtures,choose the right saw blade, tune up your table saw or just get a better understanding of how your table saw works.
The sharp center spur accurately locates the center of the hole without walking on the material.You can drill flat bottom holles, pocket holes or overlapping holes and can be used with drill press or hand held drill.
Stain and polyurethane spray is a great convenience as it combines both stain and polyurethane into a one step.This product is Ideal for covering large surfaces quickly. Uses exclusive soya-oil base and anti-settling formula for better grain enhancement with less stirring during application.

The foam stays exactly where it is applied, whether overhead or on a vertical surface and is suitable for all interior surfaces. Because Bloxygen is heavier than air, it will separate the liquid surface from any air that may remain in the container, preventing a dry skin from forming over the liquid.

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