This is the main define statement for the page for english when no template defined file exists. Nothing can bring elegance and beauty to a piece of furniture like a practiced eye and disciplined craftsmanship. I wondered often in my early years in the trade why it was so difficult to design something as a statement in simplicity and I believe I have finally answered the question. Butternut Harvest Table- The wood for this table was stored away in a farmer's barn for many years before I found it.
Cherry CD Cabinet- Bookmatched cherry veneer doors, built with the Greene & Greene style in mind. 30" Cathance River Low Back Stool in African Mahogany with Maple legs, stretchers and spindles.
18" Cathance River Stool with a matching three legged Side Table with a Cherry top and Ash legs. 24 inch Cherry Stool, Maple legs - notice the Stretcher across the bottom for added stability at the 24 inch height.
The unsurpassed comfort found in these elegant stools comes from my own life experiences and from antiquity.
These stools come in a variety of hardwoods and can be mixed and matched to fit your taste.

Stools come in combinations of Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Oak, Ash, or specialty woods upon request. If you have a special message you would like engraved on the bottom of your stool, we are happy to offer this.
The 24” stool is particularly well suited for kitchen counter height, breakfast bars and islands. The stools come with a plant-based, environmentally friendly Tung-oil finish and are ready for daily use. After many years of honing my skills, simplicity and elegance have become an obvious statement in every piece of furniture I build.
A piece of furniture in its simplest form exposes both the symmetry and asymmetry of the design and if they are not balanced even the unpracticed eye can see it completely. The office version of the Cathance River Stool is tremendously comfortable and supportive, as well as adjustable for those long hours at the desk! There are tiny worm holes and distress marks that add character and make it look like it's been around for a long time. The Cathance River stool now comes in a tremendously comfortable version perfect for working at your desk!
It's been an exciting time for us as we've had the opportunity to develop a few new styles and are now expanding our Cathance River Furniture beyond stools.

Growing up on a small family farm, we had a number of pieces of haying equipment from the horse drawn era. As a flat picker and contra dance musician, I need a seat that stays stable under me and does not interfere with my instrument, yet still allows for hours of vigorous strumming and picking. We've designed a side chair, as well as a low back stool this year and will continue adding additional pieces. These ancient implements had cast iron seats and they often facilitated long hours of sitting while using numerous foot pedals and levers on the machines. Though are stools are currently the only pieces we have available on our web store, our other pieces are available for sale as well and we are happy to ship them to you- please call us and we'll discuss the best way to do that. Consequently, the seats had to be comfortable while allowing the operator to remain nimble.

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