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The Aspen Series outdoor wood furnace is designed to replace often-banned, traditional outdoor wood boilers. Greenwood provides a 10-year limited warranty on internal furnace components and a 1-year warranty on components.
The oven kit consists of: The oven (in 5 pieces), 2 tubes of heat resistant silicone, sliding metal door and metal chimney cowl. This May, you may want to spend your times in your garden and just for the beginning of the new season, bring a surprise to your children. Cool to look at and cool to play with, the playhouses range from single level into loft model, each with its own game equipment. Your children can imagine sailing the 7 seas, or being shipwrecked on a desert island with this amazing Pirate Ship Tree House by Daniels Wood Land. About SlamchicaAleksandra Arsenovic graduated with a degree in economics and has a master degree in tourism. Grosfillex Acadia Teakwood Classic Stacking Synthetic Wood Outdoor Dining Restaurant Arm Chair - Call for Special Pricing!
Grosfillex requires a minimum order in sales, depending on the product; there will be an added fee if you do not spend that minimum amount.
Join now to receive exclusive offers and be the first to know about our latest product launches! When this high-efficiency unit is combined with a radiant, baseboard, forced-air or other space-heating heating system, it can reduce heating bills by 70%. The Aspen Series operates cleanly burn wood completely, leaving virtually no particles to create smoke or ash. In side-by-side tests, the Aspen Series uses 50% less wood than a traditional outdoor wood furnace while producing the same amount of heat.

Aspen Series models do not need to be cleaned as often as wood stoves or inefficient outdoor furnaces.
The design removes known failure points that are part of all dual-fuel systems and is designed for easy maintenance.
The Aspen Series exceeds new strict emission limits for sale in areas where traditional outdoor wood boilers have come under strict regulation. The digital control panel allows the operator to regulate the furnace's operating temperature and heat output. The Aspen Series connects to existing outdoor wood furnace plumbing with little or no modifications. The Aspen Series' pressure-sealed locking door prevents unauthorized access and keeps the heat in the furnace. The exhaust curtain allows the smoke to escape through the normal exhaust flue when loading the furnace during operation. There is no need to worry about short daylight hours with the Aspen's external night light.
Manufactured from high quality refractory material, this oven is larger than the “Vitcas Casa” series while retaining the simplicity of construction. We can also make ovens to order if you have a design in mind, please get in touch to talk to us about your requirements.
Bring them a new outdoor wood playhouse made by GREEN HOUSE.  The outdoor wood playhouses are available in different sizes  (for 3 to 14 years old kids) and beautiful designs. Sure, you and your kids can add anything you may want, a set of table and chair for a funny dining room, or try to create a cute living room. Since she worked as a travel agent, she has traveled around the world and developed an interest in luxurious hotels and exotic destinations. If there is a minimum quantity recommendation on a Grosfillex product and you do not order at that quantity, there will be an additional fee to break the carton.

Central Boiler manufactures and distributes the Classic Outdoor Wood Furnace, an Outdoor Wood-fired Hydronic Heater that heats multiple buildings, hot tubs, pools, greenhouses, domestic water and more. It comes in 5 sections which are sealed together using the heat resistant silicone supplied. Your kids can also store their toys there.  The classic models would be everlasting making it wonderful that your kids could invite their friends to play a few years to come. Also known as an outdoor wood boiler, this Outdoor Wood-fired Hydronic Heater eliminates the problems associated with indoor burning and allows you to get even more benefits from wood heat.
As an editor of Extravaganzi she shares her knowledge about travels, fashion and accessories. Due to the physical locations of Grosfillex, they are required to collect sales tax in certain states.
This outdoor furnace can actually improve the indoor environment in your home, while eliminating the time-consuming chore of tending a traditional wood stove. This is a manufacturer charge, and they are responsible for collecting and reporting their collected sales tax.
Looking forward to doing business together again!" -Shneur, NY"We are very happy with our new tables!! If you live in California or Maryland, you will be charged sales tax on the Grosfillex products in your order only.

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