DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Patrick, we've noticed the very same thing each time we visit the local hardware store or lumber yard. Some ideas: you could always purchase a standard toolshed and fancy it up like this couple did in Polynesian theme. Perhaps one of our readers has additional recommendations about stylish and affordable storage sheds? Space-Saving Home & Garden Tool Holder - Expertly Made!This western red cedar tool rack is compact in design to accomodate space for storing all your gardening tools together in less than 2 square feet of floor space! Our quality built saltbox style shed includes 2 great windows, this will allow wonderful natural light to come in.  The windows make this unit great for a potting shed, a tool shed, a workshop, or just a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors! A spacious and sturdy garden tool store that's perfect for securely storing your gardening implements.
Right after we moved in to the Cavender house Jamie found this A-dor-able little tool shed online. It’s pretty cute is all you own is a small push mower, a bag of potting soil, a few terra-cotta pots, and a bird feeder.
2 odd corner shelves, probably to stabilize the beast, and a small 2 shelf build-up taking up valuable floor space on the left. I desperately want to build a gazebo with it (I LOVE the sound of rain on a tin roof!) but there is nowhere in my yard it would work for. Love the sound of rain on a tin roof too, plan to cover the house roof with tin, when we finally need it. Meant to ask, what is the galvanized bucket in front of the container with the post hole digger?

I can’t believe I’m going to say AWESOME JOB about a tool shed-but I just have to! You definitely want the roof slanting the way it is if you have the shed pushed up next to a structure. A spacious and sturdy garden store that's perfect for securely storing your gardening tools. Send your queries and a photo or two illustrating your question, and we'll see if the ATLA team or our readers can help you out. Or perhaps splurge and order a MetroShed, a small sized prefab shed that is delivered flat packed, takes a few hours to construct and is definitely a more modern (and larger) storage space you could also expand into as somewhere to enjoy as additional living space. It features twelve compartment sections for organization and rolls about on wheels for convenience at your fingertips. The pent roof of the garden tool store ensures that it fits neatly under overhanging trees.The felted roof ensures the watertight finish while the square board overlap construction gives it a natural feel.
You may have inspired me to go ahead with putting one in our yard and freeing up some garage space! If it is slanted the opposite way all the moisture that lands on it will drain towards the house and do damage.
Ours is perfect, wish we had 2 of them now…we could clear the garage out even more…hhhmmm?
I was able to locate the shed you purchased or one very much like it from Amazon approx $578 and free shipping. The pent roof of the store ensures that it fits neatly under overhanging trees.The felted roof ensures the watertight finish while the square board overlap construction gives it a natural feel. All I can find are very "suburban" plastic or wood things that look like either a miniature barn or plastic playground equipment.

And despite their simple appearances, these sheds don't come cheap, especially in the dimensions you've requested (a vertical shed can cost over $1000!). Maybe best bet economically would be to order a shed plan and customize and fabricate your own.
Also handy for use on the porch or in the basement for storing snow shovels, brooms and mops.
As the tongue and grove dried in summer it has created openings between all the boards running vertically on the door.
I haven't been able to find anything that is slightly more contemporary looking and would actually be an aesthetic asset to the deck. This wooden tool rack is crafted from naturally weather-resistant western red cedar to last outdoors!
I don’t like the look of having a shed hanging out by itself in the corner of my yard.
Such and bummer, plus the water drains off the roof onto the doors creating mildew streams both inside the doors and out. I love how you put the plants around it to make it look nice even though it’s a shed, SO MANY people just don’t get that!

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