Most of the wood used for my bowls, pepper mills and other hand crafted items come from trees that have fallen during storms or removed for other reasons, including disease, over growth, land development, or just a nuisance, and are destined to become firewood, landfill or are chipped for mulch and landscaping.
Jackson's army had just completed a string of five military victories, including the battles of Cross Keys and Port Republic, in roughly a month that spring. In order to preserve the authenticity of items made from this tree, a card will be included with each item designating that this wood came from the "Stonewall" Jackson Prayer Tree and will include a brief history of the tree. This is an Osage Orange tree that was removed during the restoration of an 18th century mansion in Culpeper County, VA. And, of course, the fine print: Get free shipping on your next order when you spend over $100. David Stine crafts beautiful bar tops and countertops from natural edge wood slabs, like the Osage Orange Bar Top. I was told yesterday that this tree is at least 60-75 years old and it was called an orange tree back then BUT now it only has this type of fruit???

If you're a kid, you don't want to get within throwing range of one of those things --like getting hit with a bowling ball. I know some who claim, as I have never tried it, that spread the fruit around the edge of your house keeps roaches and other insects out. Gobblin, I googled the "Maclura pomifera" that hillbilly posted above and learned all sorts of details about it.
I do know from my own experience that wood can vary greatly in density from one tree to another within the same species. I build bows and do a good bit of woodworking, and I have worked with a lot of osage, black locust, persimmon, hickory, and hophornbeam (eastern ironwood) over the years. The subtotal of your purchase must be $100.01 or greater after any promotional discounts have been applied. Additional fees such as tax or shipping and handling do not apply toward your minimum subtotal requirement of $100.01.

I do have a couple live oak chunks that I use for flintknapping billets, and it's probably as heavy as the average osage. Certain items that require additional shipping and handling are excluded from this promotion and do not apply towards your $100.01 subtotal minimum. I've seen a couple really dense pieces of osage with exceptionally dense late-wood rings that wouldn't float in water.
The only wood I've worked with that seems to be heavier on average is ipe, a tropical hardwood.

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