Used on the table for example as cheese board it will delight with the beauty of its unique graining and colour. In the kitchen it will be an ideal chopping board due to the known hardness of olive wood and its natural oil content that kills bacteria making it therefore a more hygienic alternative to other wood or plastic boards. Olive wood pendant “The dove” - De Nazareth a Jerusalem You must have Javascript enabled in your browser to display this page properly. This beautiful olive wood spaghetti measurer is just what you need to measure your servings size of spaghetti.

These beautiful cheese boards are made from hard-wearing olive wood which has a dense twisted grain. As each piece of olive wood has a different graining and colour, each board will look different and hence be a unique object.
Patterned by the beautiful natural grain of olive wood you'll want to keep this stunning piece on display at all times! The result is a very elegant slightly matt board that is healthy to use as no bits of dried varnish will fall off and get mixed with the food.

By following the below instructions you will be able to enjoy for a lifetime this authentic olive wood product.- clean using a soft sponge, tepid water and soap.

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