I saw an advent calendar at my friend Lacey’s house last year that she made out of barn wood, and ever since then, I have wanted to create one for myself.
Next, I randomly decided to include an old, antique window that had also been sitting in my garage for MONTHS (man, you probably think I’m a hoarder by now!). Next (with the help of my hubby…since I literally am horrible at this part) we measured where the numbers should be.
The first number would start 3 inches from the left side, and then each number would need 6 inches in between them as they went across. I strung a removable string across the middle of each board so that the line would not be permanent.
A few stenciling tips: *For the two-digit numbers, I was careful to only do one side of the stencil, let that dry, and then do the next number. When I got to the top board, I decided that I wanted the numbers to be larger since they were single digit numbers. After I was done with stenciling on the numbers, I carefully drilled a hole through each board and through the window to attach them together.

I don't know how I missed this post, but I want to make this for next year, so cool, love it!
My friend Liz Sharp has this classic red, white, and blue barn wood decoration in her entry way, and I think it is so cute.
This stuff can be hard to find, but we have a super good friend who was on the look out for me. I'm just amazed by how you can look at something and be able to see beyond the appearance! I can't believe I forgot to tell you that I featured this advent calendar on my blog in December.
It looks like you just have wire on it but I was wondering what type of wire and if the barn wood stays put with that type of hanging? Ask at Home Depot, they know what they are, and then I always find a stud or use dry wall anchors first.
My husband’s friend Shawn was put to the task and in no time, I had a pile of the stuff on the side of my yard.

Love the framed wreath, I did several decorations like this in my house this year too with barn wood frames, loves it! Liz’s sister Jennifer Stewart spray painted some barn wood and added the paper stars from the craft store to make the flag.
Advent calendars are a great way to help your kids focus on how many days are left before the BIG day! I was first inspired by the show "Good luck Charlie" and then just looking at your blog, it helps me be less and less afraid of color and see beauty under several layers of ugly!

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