When I was at the ABC Kids Expo I sought out My Brest Friend to personally tell them how much I LOVE their nursing pillow. Seriously, Love – it was one of the products that made breastfeeding a little easier for me.
While I was talking to Jessica she showed me their newest product, The Adjustable Nursing Stool!
Unfortunately, I was right at the end of our breastfeeding career when I received the stool to review, but I can tell you it has been uses for many things since I got it. On the Squishy Rating Scale the My Brest Friend Adjustable Nursing Stool gets a VERY SQUISHABLE! My Brest Friend is giving one lucky Family and Life in Las Vegas reader their very own adjustable nursing stool! Head over to the My Brest Friend and tell me something you learned about the company, or how you would use this nursing stool. Follow My Brest Friend on Facebook and leave a comment saying you came from Family and Life in Las Vegas. Since I recently just made the switch to a new Facebook page – for any friend you send to the page, you can have 1 extra entry! If you would like I would love for you to vote on Top Mommy Blogs and Picket Fences while you are here. When they first started the project of building the nursing pillow, they had over 50 prototypes.
I used the Brest friend for my second son and loved it so much more than some other pillows.
This attractive addition to your home is recommended by obstetricians and gynecologists for prenatal use as well, mostly during your last trimester.
October 15, 2010 By: JennacommentFrom the moment I became a mom, I knew I wanted to breastfeed.
Just 16 years ago, new moms did not have many choices when it came to making breastfeeding as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. I couldn’t have been happier when I learned I was going to have the opportunity to review some of the My Brest Friend products. Another feature I haven’t found with any other nursing pillow is the convenient pocket.
I have found breastfeeding when away from home to be the most challenging with both my kids. I absolutely love the fact that the My Brest Friend Travel Pillow has the same design as the Original My Brest Friend Pillow, but that it packs flat in diaper bags because it’s inflatable! I haven’t needed to use it for travel yet, but I did get it out and use it at home, just so I could see how I liked it.

The Breastfeeding Essentials contains 28 essential vitamins, minerals and herbs to help nursing mothers maintain overall good health. I have been very happy with the products I received to review and wish I had come across them even sooner!
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Designed to make nursing a more comfortable experience by allowing you to adjust the level of your knees.
The owner and writer at Our Knight Life, Emily loves sharing her two adorable boys and journey through motherhood.
You deserve it.  This handy lightweight Medela Nursing Stool (SKU# 651850) makes comfortable breastfeeding possible by relieving stress on your achy body parts. Luckily, the ergonomic tilt of this nursing stool helps alleviate the stress on your back, shoulders, arms, and neck while breastfeeding. The orthopedic design allows you to elevate your feet, legs and lap to help prevent aches and pains associated with the typical stiff necks and sore shoulders of an expectant mom. With that realization, the Original My Brest Friend Pillow was born with the sole purpose of creating a nursing pillow that would answer all the needs of breastfeeding moms and babies. The breastfeeding pillows immediately caught my attention because they were so unique from the other pillows I’ve tried in the past.
I have terrible posture and it’s something I know I need to work on, especially while nursing.
I never seem to have everything I need to make it the most comfortable experience possible.
I wish I had this with Kaelyn when she was a baby, but am so happy I now have it for nursing Kaden.
With over 100% daily value of vitamin B6, B12, C, D3,E, riboflavin, thiamine, and pantothenic acid I am comforted to know that I am getting the additional nutrients I need while breastfeeding! It contains DHA and Omega-3 fatty acids which help support things like the hearth, lungs, and brain. 3 extra entries- blog about this giveaway (linking to this post and My Brest Friend) and leave THREE comments with the URL to that post. 1 extra entry- Follow me on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway (You can tweet once a day for one extra entry every day)! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Please make sure to leave your email in your comment, or I will not be able to contact you about your win, and will have to choose another winner. Constructed of fine-crafted wood in a natural oak finish, this nursing stool by Medela blends attractively with most decor.

After more than 50 prototypes and getting approval from actual mom testers, they did just that! I have always wondered if there was a nursing pillow out there that would help Kaden maintain positioning so he could stay latched on easier and one that didn’t leave me with a sore back and neck after each feeding. I’ve noticed that it really helps me and Kaden stay in position so he stays latched on.
I’m very happy with the two I was sent to review and know they will get much more use! These vitamins and supplements are specifically formulated for the nutritional needs of nursing moms. You can copy and paste:#WIN a prize pack with lots of great breastfeeding essentials from My Brest Friend!
She also enjoys creating healthy recipes for her family and sharing family friendly product reviews. It also doubles as a useful general stool for the home when it is no longer needed for feeding. Thankfully it has gone pretty smoothly for us, however, as most nursing mamas can probably relate…there have been challenges along the way as well. I could especially see this as being helpful with a newborn who is just getting used to breastfeeding. Everything about this pillow was made with both mom and baby in mind and is a must-have for any nursing mom. I have never come across a nursing pillow I could pack in the diaper bag and take with me before now. I found that it worked best if I blew it up, but left the air hole open while I put on the cover so that I could get it zipped more easily. I was happy to read that the filtration processes it goes through removes heavy metals like mercury, lead and pesticides which are often found in fish. The wrap-around design also gives me an arm and elbow rest which makes nursing so much more relaxing. 2 extra entries- Post my blog button or blog URL to your blog and leave a comment with the URL to your blog.

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