Hopefully, these four tray displays have inspired you to create an unique tray display in your home.  Please be sure to comment which one is your favorite! These design components can work in any design style and can be changed out with each season.  Here are three examples. Be creative with decorating your coffee table and be sure to incorporate the five design components to ensure your design is successful.   If you want more design and decorating tips, please click on the video below and comment which one you like the best.
This piano was a decorating dilemma because of the light wood color.   I did not want the frame of the art to be the same color as the piano, however, I also did not want a dramatic contrast neither.

The touch of gold on the outer rim of the picture frame compliments the piano’s light color but also balances with the dark furniture pieces in the space. Not much decorative accessories were needed because the art itself has a busy background pattern with decorative plaque inserts.  I removed the china dishes from the shelves and added more modern decorative accessories. You have painted stripes on your wall using that blue painter’s tape.  When is the best time to remove the tape?
These plaques are mounted flush against the wall which makes for easier movement throughout the space.  Not to mention, they also help to update the space.

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