Axe Multi Tool – So many uses for this tool it will take a long time before you have used every attachment. As with other oscillating tools, the new Dewalt version can cut, sand, scrape, or remove a range of materials, depending on the type of blade or accessory you pair it with.
Update: It looks like there is a trigger lock on the side of the oscillating tool, and the kit comes with a new style deep-compartment ToughCase organizer.
The DWE315K kit includes a 30-piece accessory set: (1) bi-metal plunge cutting blade, (1) fast-cutting wood blade, (1) semi-circle flush cutting blade, (1) sanding pad, (25) sandpaper sheets, (1) universal accessory adapter. The DWE315K oscillating multi-tool kit comes with a sampling of Dewalt’s new Universal Fitment accessories, which are designed to fit most major brands of oscillating tools. These 3 additional blade types will be available separately and are not included in the tool kit. Dewalt users and fans will certainly rejoice over the news, but I will reserve judgement until the dust settles from the launch. Right now the Universal Fitment line consists of 6 blades, a sanding pad, and sanding sheets. I do like that Dewalt is aiming to provide improved user control via the Dual-Grip variable speed trigger, but this also looks to make the tool slightly longer than competing models.
Overall, I am optimistic that this is a strong design, and am happy to see that Dewalt designed the blade interface for universal compatibility, as oscillating multi-tool users don’t like to be tethered to proprietary blades and accessories.
One thing I am disappointed about is how there is no mention of a dust collection attachment, as either part of the tool kit or available separately. Dewalt has said that the vast majority of North American users have not expressed the need for dust collection on this [type of] tool, and that they will continue to monitor feedback from users. Just for a bit of perspective, Fein’s bare-bones kit comes with a scraper blade, cutting blade, sanding pad, and 30-pack of sandpaper for $200. Not all tools and accessories are made alike, which is why you can’t really go according to price. I don’t think it would be a wise choice to only offer this or other new Dewalt tools in Tstak kits.
This image is the only one available at the moment, but I didn’t press for additional angles. I am also hesitant about the variable speed control on the tool itself, but it might turn out to be good. There might be is a lock-on button, but it was not visible in the initial product image and was not mentioned via press materials. Stuart, apparently you can’t buy this on Lowes anymore according to that link provided. Additionally, there is one segment of information that I am most curious about this product and that is the country of origin of this product. The product was posted on Amazon and Lowes previously, but they jumped the gun and temporarily removed product details as well purchasing or preorder options. Im not crazy about the design either it looks like one of their cordless drills morphed into a multitool with a cord and the metamorphoses stopped at 85%.
One thing that they forgot to include was that depth guide they developed for the Porter cable multitool. I was expecting something revolutionary with all the extra time they had to r&d this tool along with the experience from the Porter cable multi tools. I talked with a DeWalt rep this week and they said this item should hit stores within 2 weeks, so plan on the end of August I would assume.
Recently I used a friends Rockwell multi tool for a project that he needed done, and I hated the slide switch. I took a look at the Porter Cable adapter that allows for use with 3rd party blades – it comes with a hex key.
This is a major downside to the tool, unless Dewalt manages to make their blades widely available, competitively priced, and capable of great performance. No cordless oscillating tool rumors just yet, but SBD does have an 18V Porter Cable model for them to base the Dewalt tool around, as they did with the corded oscillating tool.
You are using an out of date browser, please update to the latest version for this website to work. Dewalt is coming out with two new pocket multi-tools, a full-sized tool (DWHT71843), and a keychain-sized one (DWHT71842). This reminds me of Dewalt’s camouflage-motif heated jackets, and makes me wonder what else they have planned for the outdoorsy crowd.
Dewalt’s new 16-in-1 multi-tool looks Leatherman-esque, and features outside-opening tools. At $25, the Dewalt multi-tool is priced in the same ballpark as Leatherman’s USA-made Wingman and Sidekick multi-tools (reviewed here). Dewalt’s new 8-in-1 keychain tool is small and compact, and built around a standard-looking bottle opener design.

This looks to be a great mini-multi-tool for tailgating, keeping near the couch during football season get-togethers or parties, and keeping in or near beach-going coolers. I sometimes carry my Leatherman Style CS ($17 via Amazon), or one of several Victorinox keychain tools (such as the robot one I reviewed). The nail file used to double as an ignition point file… back when engines had points. As much as it seems SBD is simply criss-crossing their brands and tool types, it’s good business. Eddie { M12 filet knife and food grade quality blades } – If You Could Ask Milwaukee Tool One Thing, What Would it Be?
New Porter Cable Cordless Nailers Keo Countersink Drill Bits InstaCrate Collapsible Storage Bins Why Won't Power Tool Brands Standardize Their Battery Packs?
The QUICK-CHANGEa„? Accessory System allows blades and attachments to be changed quickly without wrenches.
The DUAL-GRIP™ variable-speed trigger changes the way users control the speed of the oscillating tool and provides the users with multiple options for gripping the tool, depending on the application. The QUICK-CHANGE™ Accessory System allows blades and attachments to be changed quickly without wrenches.
DEWALT's DUAL-GRIP™ variable-speed trigger gives the user precise control of the tool when performing a variety of cutting and material removal applications.
DEWALTa€™s UNIVERSAL FITMENT™ oscillating blades cover a wide range of applications, from cutting wood and drywall, to pipes and bolts. The UNIVERSAL FITMENT™ Detail Sanding Pad makes for quick work on a variety of surfaces.
Quickly removing hardened adhesive, linoleum flooring, and layers of paint, the UNIVERSAL FITMENT™ scraping blades make quick work of sticky situations. The Multi Material Oscillating Tool does it all; cutting, scraping, sanding, slicing and material removal. But if you’re a handyman, or you need to buy gifts for one, you might be stuck for present ideas. Right now there is a small selection of blades, but we’re hoping to see some expansion in the future. According to press materials, this feature changes the way users control the speed of the oscillating tool and provides users with multiple options for gripping the tool, depending on the application.
Why not promote that storage system on the tails of this tool, esp with all the attention the lboxx is getting. A lot of users would probably still toss out the cases and resent having paid more for a Tstak kit.
Dewalt’s research showed that current oscillating tool users wanted greater control, and so this is something the variable speed trigger was designed to accomplish.
Something along the lines of what they developed for recip saws as the compact reciprocating saw.
The product information suggests that it’s an included attachment, as opposed to being built-on.
We had bought many Fein Multimasters and the Supercuts – before the patents ran out spawning the current plethora of new offerings. Their: I used *their* because I consider Dewalt as a multi-party humanized entity rather than a singular one. New innovative blades include the Multi-Material (ideal for cutting asphalt shingles), the Titanium Coated for Long Life, and the Quick Wave for fast grout removal.
Dewalt users and fans waited a long time for the brand to finally come out with an oscillating tool, only for the first tool to only be tool-free with Dewalt accessories. The new multi-tools are said to have been designed for professionals and even avid outdoorsmen, and feature high-visibility handles. On one hand, this means quicker access to tools, but on the other hand it means a smaller knife and a greater potential for tool-clumpage during deployment. Having a bump (ridge?) at the top of one side and bottom of the other side might also cause pressure points when squeezing the pliers. If the knife blade and nail file are Swiss Army Classic keychain tool-sized, then the folded tool is going to have to be about 3″ long or so.
Dewalt’s 8-in-1 bottle opener multi-tool, although appealing, appears to be a poor substitute.
There are two types of multi-tools; generic-branded ones that are advertised as being 16-in-1, 12-in-1, 8-in-1, etc.
Stanley and Black & Decker have come out with spectacularly named products in recent years, and Dewalt typically labels all of their new, unique, or proprietary product features with snazzy names. 16-in-1 multi-tool and 8-in-1 keychain multi-tool? The little one has me puzzled, on one hand what would most men care for a nail file and nail cleaner and then on the other hand why have a nail file at all if it’s missing a nail clipper? All kinds of dirt, dust, and grease can make their way under longer fingernails during a day’s work.

As for me the perfect all in one pocket tool would be one that had a decent led light, a mini measuring tape, flat and Phillips screw drivers, and a mini utility knife. I have also used them to burnish the contacts on flashlights and other battery powered devices. Shared R&D, and in some cases production lines, lead to lower costs and prices all around.
For the toughest applications, choose the TITANIUM COATED FOR LONG LIFE™ blades, featuring a titanium coating for durability and extended life. Perfect for tight spaces and detail sanding, the sanding pad, coupled with DEWALTa€™s full range of sandpaper, gets the job done. The QUICKWAVE FOR FAST GROUT REMOVAL™ blade features a sine wave edge design, removing grout faster and more effectively than traditional blades.
Neddlenose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, serrated knife, metal file, large bit drivers, small bit drivers, and that’s only the start. Buuut I’m of the school of thought that maintains if it’s big, red, and has plenty of space, it’s perfect.
It looks about as fun as it is menacing, but you can guarantee it’s the most enjoyable way to cut lumber ever devised by man. Using any other brands’ blades or attachments will require that you keep a hex key close at hand for blade changes. The DWE315K and Universal Fitment accessories are going to have to provide high performance and an excellent user experience in order to convince users to upgrade or sway from their favored accessories brands. The only way Dewalt stands a chance at moving in other brands’ territories is if these accessories are very widely available. This makes sense, but I have gotten so use to working in as dust-free conditions as possible that I strongly prefer eliminating dust right at the source to minimize cleanup and potential air quality issues. I would expect for the Dewalt tool and accessories to be more featured and of better quality than the Dewalt, to justify that extra $60 in price. It’s different than what some of us are used to and prefer, but hopefully it works out well. It’s not one person coming out with the oscillating tool, but many with Dewalt being their collective identifier.
When I think keychain tool, I want to see something small and compact – something that can be carried on my keychain every day. In case you’re thinking that this is because Leatherman currently produced a wide variety of multi-tools, keep in mind that their first-ever tool was the PST Pocket Survival Tool. Mostly the nail file on my tiny Victorinox has been used by the ladies of my family while traveling.
The new MULTI-MATERIAL™ blade is designed for slicing through additional materials, including asphalt shingles, carpet, foam insulation, linoleum, and cardboard. Remove unwanted grout and mortar from your work surface with the UNIVERSAL FITMENT™ Carbide Rasp. Thing is with any drop saw, you’ll be looking at a price range around the $300 – $400 mark. Right now, Bosch’s OIS and Dremel accessories lines seem to the most popular and easiest to find, with Dremel as the budget-friendly pick and Bosch as the high-performance one. It just puts extra unnecessary effort into squeezing a trigger for long periods of time when that effort could be put into better use controlling and guiding the tool. If I ever get into a bind with the saw I want to be able to shut it off immediately instead of fumbling around trying to find the slide switch while the saw is jumping around. While *its* might be technically correct, *they* and *their* is at least consistent with what I’ve used in the past. If I was trapped on a desert island and could take only one tool to survive, this would pretty much be it. I do not own a multi tool yet because at first I just wasn’t sold on them, but after having the chance to use one now I can see that in some cases it would be very nice to have. Walk into a hardware store and these bad boys can cost anywhere from $20 to $140 for the real high-end models. That’s why some tools like certain corded drills have a lock button so the tool can be used continuously with out having to squeeze the trigger the whole time. One thing thats holding me back from buying one is the rediculous price that they get for blades. If you want to give a gift that your handyman will carry around in a tool belt for the rest of eternity, this is a pretty solid pick.

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