This image from Remarkably Retro of sofas that double as guest beds has me thinking, maybe we can make our own sofa.
To win this delicious ottoman, which is just one of the twelve MCM how-to projects you’ll find in “Make It! Sunday at midnight (CT) — that’s December 6th, 2009 — we’ll gather all the entries, including those in the comments here AND those on your blogs and in your tweets and pick a winner. Congratulations to Jess, who got her entry in at the last minute and managed to win the Girard-inspired ottoman giveaway by random drawing! For everyone else, you can get all the detailed instructions on how to make your own by purchasing a copy of "Make It! I would use this amazing ottoman in my new living room to bring all the bright solid colors together. I am living alone for the first time in my life and this ottoman would brighten up my living room and be the bestest place to put my feet up.
This ottoman would be perfect as a cocktail table, with a round tray on it and my morning coffee.
I LOVE this ottoman!  Perfect blend of colors and would look amazing with my orange B&B Italia couch that I "inherited" from my boss! Getting your home into the holiday spirit can be difficult when you have dinners to plan, gifts to buy and relatives to entertain, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a Grinch and forgo festive decorating completely either.
There are many mid-century modern decorations that are easy to buy, make or add, and they will create just the right amount of holiday cheer for your humble (but stylish) abode no matter how pressed for time you are. Interesting fact: In the 1956 Christmas special, “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” the aluminum Christmas tree was featured in all its glory. Mid-century modern style has made a big comeback in recent years, so it’s not difficult to find a home decor store that has retro ornaments, lights and cards for the vintage enthusiast.
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A twin bed, a nice fitted sheet, a decently thick board under it and some hairpin legs and you've got a pretty nice sitting place that's easy enough to make yourself.
Constructed from reclaimed wooden circles and rescued new foam being disposed of by a furniture company, this five button ottoman covers all the bases with mid century style and modern sensibility.
I have a dark brown wicker chair in the corner and would love to set this ottoman right in front of it so i can kick back and read or craft. It fits my colorful home and would look great in my living room, especially with my feet on top after kicking off my shoes at the end of a long day of teaching with the day's NYTimes.
It would match the color scheme in my living room perfectly, which was just newly painted last week by my loving (and very patient) husband. I have an really sweet ottoman I made myself, but it isn't really fitting in with the change of scenery in the living room so I'd like to move it to another part of the house and this would be a perfect replacement. Contrary to popular belief, you can get your home Christmas-ready (with mid-century modern flair to boot) using only a few quick and easy tricks.
Originally created in the late ‘50s, these shiny and bright home decor delights were part of a post-war era movement to use innovative materials and designs that symbolised a better and brighter future. At the time, aluminum Christmas trees were at the height of their popularity, and in a famous scene, Lucy asks Charlie to get a “big, shiny aluminum tree” for the gang’s big Christmas play. However, if you’d like to add an element of personalization and save some money while you’re at it, you can create a whole gamut of ornaments with just a few craft items and some imagination.
Available everywhere from your local dollar store to your favourite high-end designer accessory shop, a few large, scented votive candles will make your home feel like Christmas in no time.
Easy to make and lovely to look at, you can buy some coloured felt fabric and a little craft glue to create a mid-century modern masterpiece.
If you’re struggling to put all the colours of the rainbow together in an appealing manner for the season, make things easy for yourself and stick with white.

Liberal carpentry plans and projects entropy for morgan house wood projects building bedroom furniture dresser and buffet cabinets. We aren't willing to invest in a nice piece because with a kid in the house a nice piece won't last more than a few years. Put it against a wall with some pillows and you've got a fine DIY sofa bed that doesn't cost too much. If I won I would put it in my living room infront of some chairs I'm reupholstering right now.
Of course, as most people know, Charlie ends up with the small sapling that symbolises the true meaning of Christmas spirit instead.
Whether you want to cut and paste on out your favourite Eames chair or Saarinen Tulip Table, these easy-to-make home stockings will create lasting memories that will lighten up your mantle with iconic inspiration too.
From white wreaths and ornaments to throws, pillows and rugs, a white decor will always say “winter classic.” Pop in one or two red or green elements, and you’ve got all the holiday pizzazz that you need – which is good because with that Turkey dinner to prepare, you’ll need all the simplicity you can get. Chair full-of-the-moon Size design A Contemporary Dining Chair Digital project A Contemporary Dining lead An outdoor Lounge Chests of boxershorts Dressers. You won’t have to blow through your Christmas budget or spend all your hard-earned vacation time. Rest assured however, there is no shame in having an aluminum tree these days, as a new generation of environmentalism has deemed them to be a sustainable alternative to real trees — something that Charlie would probably approve of if you ask us. Reusable, compact and clean, aluminum trees are, today, a surefire way to bring your home’s style back into the yesteryear, and when decorated with simple and sleek ornaments, are oh-so retro-chic too.
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