Our metal shoe display, also known as metal shoe rack is ideal equipment for footwear retailers. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
Easy to install and inexpensive, over the door shoe racks are incredibly popular and are a great way to keep shoes organize. This wall mounting shoe rack comes in sleek, scratch proof, powder coated Body, and it is one time investment life long guarantee and maintenance free. When you open the compartment, all the other compartments open simultaneously thus helps to locate your foot wear easily. At the front door, a shoe rack gently suggests to guests that they should remove their shoes before entering. ROLEX FURNITURE is in the furniture industry for more than one decade and have been serving with excellent quality and durability products and satisfying our valued clients as well. Application:It is widely used to display or storage the shoes to make you room clean and tidy.

These Expandable & Stackable white metal Shoe Rack addresses all your shoe storage needs. These slatwall shelves, metal shoe racks put top selling footwear on view for clients to see. This three-tier shoe shelving unit comes with an aluminum tray to protect your floors from wet shoes and boots.
The antique walnut wood looks great in any mudroom or entranceway, and the 33 x 14 inch shelves provide enough storage for a family's worth of shoes. If you run out of space, you can stack another one of these shoe racks directly on top to double your storage space. Shoe racks, shoe displays will tempt clientele into purchasing those designer pair of boots they eyed from across the sales floor.
This expandable shoe shelf is made of steel rods that are sturdy and able to withstand much wear. These shoe racks are metal with a powder-coated metal finish which prevents corrosion and provides extra resilience for many years of use.

Metal Shoe Racks, like slatwall metal shoe racks, are quick and simple to set up with the option of spacing them closer or further apart to provide room for larger footwear. Our metal shoe racks are stylish at an economical price that will certainly garnish any retail decor. We have thousands of displays in stock which means 98% of our purchase orders will ship within 24 hours. A powder-coated finish gives our metal shoe rack an upscale feel while making it very durable and strong. Retailers can use this piece to highlight or promote their biggest sellers or new arrivals. Also, this metal shoe rack is a portable boot stand, making it more versatile than a traditional slatwall shoe rack!

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