Description : This professional 4x8 foot pool table has real aspen log trim on the sides and legs. Read 7 In 1 Black & Silver Rotating Game Table - Foosball, Air Hockey, Ping Pong, and many more reviews. Creative and unusual pool table designs that make the game of billiards even more exciting. When a triple world champion pool player chooses to build the perfect pool table and is a lover of great design you can expect something really spectacular. When you need a pool table and a family room but don’t have the space there is only one thing to do… make the pool table disappear.
The Balmoral pool and dining table can be turned from its one avatar to another in a matter of few seconds. The most advanced pool table in the world, the G-1 glass top table features resin playing structure and striking modern design.

Convertible in just seconds, the Fusion table transforms a design dining table in a high quality billiard or game table. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.
The following Ral Colors are available for a painted finish on either the rails, legs or optional dining top. Choose between ping-pong, chess, checkers and backgammon or challenge your friends on the pool table, hockey rink or foosball field. It is a 2 piece cue with Stainless Steel Joints to provide a precision fit to guarantee straightness over the length of the stick. This is exactly what Vincent Facquet has created – the worlds most expensive and gorgeous pool tables.
It has an LCD TV, a stereo, flat-panel speakers, what looks to be a PS2 and even a small bar for your favorite drinks.

Transparent playing surface replaces the traditional felt but allows the balls to roll at the same speed. Now the next time you invite guests home, you can easily play a post dinner round of pool, with coffee, just besised your hearth in the warmth of your dining room. Pooltableportfolio pushes the boundaries of billiard and game table design in the 20th century.

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