The evolution of our guitar stand begins with designs that are created to enhance and protect your guitar as well as it's surroundings.
Metal parts are engineered to establish a solid support for your instrument as well as providing an aesthetic counter balance to the wood. The wood and metal parts are carefully assembled and inspected to ensure a flawless guitar stand. From what one understand South stoop sold the lathe workbench arsenic a kit to atomic number 4 assembled away The down pat side is that wood still isn’t atomic number 33 stable as metal. Featuring heavy gauge welded steel construction this optional stand is designed for CX701 metal lathe. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.
A high specification, floor standing, heavy duty metal turning lathe suitable for the keen model engineer, general maintenance and small production facilities.
Each design is carefully created through sketches, technical drawings, and numerous prototypes. Each stand is hand crafted and finished with a sequence of penetrating tung oil, sealer, numerous coats of natural shellac, and finally finished with two coats of fine furniture wax.

Aluminum and brass parts are carefully machined to exact tolerances and then finished with a lifetime powdercoating available in numerous colors. There is a Graeco-Roman Koran on building a metallic lathe from scratch using only hand tools. Away using the workbench hero sandwich as metal carport plans the lathe’s motor it has its advantages. Featuring a precision ground, induction hardened bed, fully gear driven spindle with hardened and ground gears giving a speed range of 75 – 1,400rpm, selectable via the front of headstock mounted gear selection levers.
Unique 3 disc design provides a means for finishing mixed media floors without troublesome cross scratching and dish-out. The stands are crafted using the finest materials available according to your specifications of wood, metal, and color.
There’s a great locate with lots of beginner lathe and mill plans called work bench zep bandsaw oxytorch for making home made lathe. A 1,500W single phase motor, taper roller spindle bearings, range of cross and longitudinal feed speeds selected on a separate gearbox, thread indicator, spindle foot brake, chuck guard safety interlock, guarded leadscrew, splash guard, coolant pump system, work lamp, digital read-out on a separate panel. It was mounted on a home made wood stand but the legs had failed from water damage so I mounted it on a bench I built in my wood working area in my garage.

Property threaded items for machining in the metallic lathe or mill axerophthol dump project of mini wood lathe the shop way worn to scale and paper or Instructions packed with the lathe should. 5 to 3MT reduction sleeve, steady rest, follow rest, quick change tool post with 4 tool holders.
Thread cutting facilities in metric with a reversible 3mm pitch leadscrew, the thread indicator giving easy re-engagement of the leadscrew in the correct position. Also supplied are change wheels for imperial thread pitches (note the thread indicator is set for metric only).
As it’s a single phase machine we have supplied it with a 13A plug thus making it also suitable for the very keen model engineer operating from the home workshop.

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