Instead of purchasing home decor items new, many shoppers are looking for more creative and cost-effective ways of decorating. Shoppers who have some woodworking or carpentry skills may be able to build and install a mantel from scratch. There are choices in a variety of home furnishing styles as well as a range of effort involved in the installation of the fireplace mantel. The next step is to mark each spot on the rear of the fireplace mantel where the lag bolts will meet. I started by creating a cardstock template for my pennant flags and then used it to help me cut them out.  I then glued the pennants together from behind using some jute twine, much like I did for the mini faux chalkboard bunting I created for my Harvest Wreath. Once it was cut I gave it a few thin coats of my homemade chalkboard paint, allowing it to dry thoroughly between each coat so as to not oversaturate the foam board and cause it to peel. How silly of me, I never thought of making my own chalkboard paint, I didn’t even think it was possible!
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Mantles are such gorgeous pieces of architectural salvage, just begging to be repurposed into headboards.  Enjoy these DIY ideas that may have you sleeping under a mantle soon enough! For a reupholstered mantle headboard, clear DIY instructions can be found by the OG DIY Queen Martha Stewart., and you can find brief DIY instructions at BlueCreekHome, whose lovely project is featured above. I really liked the OldPaintedCottage‘s interpretation of the repurposed mantle, as you still feel the essence of the mantle in how she decorated it. Hortons of Tipton via FrenchLarkspur not only repurposed a beautiful mantle into a headboard, but created the loveliest canopy bed using branches!
In true Maison Reve style, this mantle was beautiful repurposed and looks fantastic next to the other architectural salvage pieces.

Whether buying a fireplace mantel at a local shop, an online store, or on eBay, the buyer should consider the advantages of a DIY fireplace mantel. Updating the look can be as easy as installing a floating style mantel of wood that is sturdy enough to hold many heavy objects. It is important to measure and mark this accurately so that the bolts will align perfectly with the mantel. I love adding a few fall-ish colours but definitely need to maintain some blue and green in there… all year round!! It is basically the same recipe as homemade chalk paint except that you don’t distress and wax it after- though you can sand it lightly to smooth out the finish. I have chalkboard paint from when I labeled my jars but I should definitely try some of these ideas! I just made my own using craft paint and plaster of paris… seems to work really well!!
I love all of the luscious white materials (the tile, that vanity) paired with the aqua chevron shower curtain.
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Whether a shopper is looking for a unique look or just wants to freshen an existing fireplace mantel, creating a fireplace mantel is a smart way to save money and resources in home decorating.
The cost savings may be important, as well as the aesthetic value of a DIY fireplace mantel that is a unique creation. After the fireplace mantel is selected from the wide variety of styles and types of wood available, the first step in installation of the mantel is locating the placement of the new feature. Speaking of special, Jen is taking a little maternity leave from blogging…giving us a great chance to catch up on her posts in the meantime. Use your free time to be creative and think some interesting mantel decoration by yourself.

These sleeves are designed to grip the masonry surface when the screws are driven into them.
You can browse eBay's wide selection of supplies and products by using the keyword search, but for a more selective search or to search within a certain price range, you can use eBay's advanced search feature.
I’d love for you to share a link on your FB or by tweeting too if you have the time.  Thanks! Using a mantel fashioned from a log gives a rustic, log cabin style to a fireplace and room. Making sure that the marks are level, centered, and extend the length of the mantel, mark the grout at the desired height in 16-inch increments. Lift the mantel and place it firmly onto the lag bolts, sliding the lag bolts into the holes drilled into the back of the fireplace mantel and push firmly into place on the fireplace.
Some buyers also use this feature to limit their search to that of used fireplace mantels or new DIY fireplace mantel kits. For example the stockings are the most important part of the mantel decorations also the ornaments and the green Christmas tree branches.
Changing the style of the fireplace mantel ranges from a nearly effortless home project to one of moderate effort. When you assemble a DIY mantel, you own a piece of decor that is not only beautiful, but is an expression of your own creativity. Other than these decorations use your imagination and put some things that will represent you and your home.

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