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Using a finely tuned wooden hand plane you make yourself is probably one of woodworking’s ultimate experiences.
There are two vises described in this article, first a tail vise and then at the end a front vise. Wooden screws are not very hard to make with the screw boxes and taps available from tool suppliers, and you'll save some money since boxes and taps are cheaper than steel screws. Before you build your tail vise, take a close look at how it's designed so you'll understand where the forces are transferred when the vise clamps down on work.
But that doesn't complete the chain of force transfer on this particular bench design, which has the bench top in four sections so that it can be easily disassembled. Photo 1- Glue together the moving jaw, rear jaw, guide bar and front plate of the tail vise.

Make a turning blank for the screw by gluing together blocks for the knuckle as in photo 2.
Photo 3- Turn the blank on a lathe to the exact diameter specified in the instructions with your thread cutting tool. After some planning about space and layout in the garage, I decided to dive into the construction of a workbench. I also installed pegboard along the entire NW wall and on the half of the SE wall that wasn't finished. Then I cut some Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) for the benchtop, overhanging each side by about 3". I ended up marking the studs using a studfinder through the drywall and then screwing (2 screws at each stud) a long 2×4 along the whole wall. Appreciate your approach and look forward to a continued dialogue as I move forward with this.
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The tools are just thrown up on the wall for now; I promise to get organized before I purchase the empennage kit. I stuck to the plans on height (33") because I knew the casters would add a few inches.
I didn’t know it at the time, but they are pretty much the top (first step) of the workbenches, with different dimensions.

I constructed that page as a collection of ideas from scrounging around the Internet and watching the forums. Plane making has been an honored tradition with the Eastern Masters, and is gaining huge popularity here in the states. His sense of humor, combined with his passion for woodworking makes for an enjoyable learning experience. I’ll use that one for awhile before building a second one, hopefully with some improvements. When hooked up to my iPhone, they are loud enough to hear through my hearing protection (which I use religiously with power tools).
Figuring I'd be replacing the top a few times during the project, I secured it down with some countersunk screws.
A buddy down the street has some like it, and I was able to hang off the edges of them, they were rock solid. I would say adding that decreased the temperature in my garage in the middle of the summer by 10 degrees.
Each student will make their own personalized hand plane using a Hock blade, and an adjustment mallet. Some students say these wooden planes are just as good if not better than the expensive metal ones.

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