We have detected that you are using an outdated web browser and may experience problems while visiting this site. 1.) You need a dark gray diffuse color (for a perfect mirror it should be black, but often a dark grey color has a better effect on chrome). 2.) Now go to add glossiness and specular level (there are no fixed values, the correct effect is strongly depending by the light that you create. Very often you need to have a environment which reflects on your object to achieve a good rendering. After you have insert RAYTRACE in the reflection map you will see that the material editor is showing new settings.
After this step you will see that the material editor is showing you the settings of the Bitmap panel (Image 3). Tip1: Remember that with Mental Ray the fake reflection is NOT visible in the material slot as preview. You can find the informations for the illumination&render settings in other Florence Design Academy tutorials.

For some reason, at QuickBuy, this animal kept making an appearance in computer code and everyday conversation.
Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said Saturday that the Coca-Cola company was making a major contribution to Serbian economy and Serbia had to improve trade with the United States.
Following the opening of a Coca-Cola Hellenic regional juice center in Belgrade today, Vucic said that the company had a 1,100-strong workforce in Serbia, and the new, highly advanced plant now employed 80 more people. He said that Coca-Cola was making a huge contribution to the budget of the country, and the Serbian people benefited much from its operations. The prime minister said that Coca Cola had developed a real brand in Serbia as it exported its products in four EU countries, a proof of success. The value in the reflection slot should be between 85 and 100 (a mirror must have 100)-( image 1). A good reflection will give a touch of realism to your object and will describe better organic shapes. This kind of technique simulates to have a environment reflected on surfaces which in reality does not exist in your scene.

This are the settings of the raytrace panel (on the right side of the material editor you can see written RAYTRACE instead of standard). Normally you must reduce the output amount of the fake reflection (this is the setting which will make more or less visible the image that you choose as fake reflection). Another way to create Chrome is trough a RAYTRACE material (change standard with RAYTRACE in a new material slot).
Now just select the objects that must be excluded from the reflection of the chrome material.

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