There are some people who dream about fame and fortune and others who dream about the perfect pizza. The other option is to build your own as the flickr user above has so beautifully done and documented. For those of you ready to dive in already, you can find step-by-step instructions here as well as a tools and materials list. KGI is a nonprofit community of over 30,000 people who are growing some of our own food and helping others to do the same. I really love how it turned out (though the cabinet itself is not quite finished…eh-hem). Water-based polyurethane only needs 2 hours between coats, so I simply wrapped the brush in a plastic bag until the next coat. About JamiJami is a wife and mother of two who blogs at An Oregon Cottage where she shares recipes, DIY adventures, and her organic garden--all on a budget. It is the counter around our laundry room sink, but that sink doesn’t get the daily use that a kitchen sink does. You will need to start with a 1 gallon container to mix and store your wood floor cleaner in…an old milk or orange juice jug will work great! Find tons of cleaning and organizing tips and tricks from Cleaning In Between The Glass On Your Oven Door to making your own natural cleaning solutions from Mom 4 Real HERE! I’m Jessica, a mom on a mission to show other women that you can live well without breaking the bank. HomeMade Modern is an online design source that publishes easy-to-follow, DIY recipes for creating modern home furnishings.
We provide creative ideas for making affordable alternatives to pricey designer home goods and cheap, plastic and particle-board junk. This beautiful cherry gun cabinet is a great way to store your prize shot guns, rifles, and hand guns. Trace the pattern onto a poster board or Mylar and use a pair of scissors to cut out the pattern.
Use a radial arm saw and a table saw to cut the lower sides (B) and the lower top (C) to their respective sizes.
Cut the vertical door frames (M), and the horizontal door frames (O) to their respective sizes.
Use a power miter saw to cut the lengths and 45 degree angles for the front and side crown moldings (T), (U), & (V). Use a power miter saw to cut the lengths and 45 degree angles for the front and side moldings (W), & (X). Finish sand all parts with an orbital sander and 220 grit sandpaper after the  assemblyprocedure. Glue and nail the top and bottom crown moldings (T), (U), and (V) in their respective positions on the upper and lower cabinet assembliesGlue and nail the front and side moldings (W) and (X) in their respective positions. Use a hand router and a 1” Roman Ogee Bit to route the inside edges of each door frame.
Use an orbital hand sander and 220 grit sandpaper to finish sand the entire  project. If stain is desired, apply with a brush and allow to penetrate for 5-10 minutes, and then remove with a clean rag. A dog house kennel is a very important aspect of a pet’s sense of security, health and well being. Dog houses (often called dog kennels) come in many shapes and styles and the choices of sizes range from kennel-size to large, medium and small.
Prefabricated igloo style plastic dog kennels are popular with many pet owners because they are very low maintenance. Besides heaters there are other accessories ranging from simple door flaps to automatic pet doors, multiple rooms and skylights, and even an optional deck!
There is an option that’s sort of between pre-fab and build-your-own that pet owners are becoming more aware of recently. If you choose to build your own, dog house plans can be obtained for any size, shape and use of materials.
The safety of the animal is paramount as well as the comfort to be provided by a well built dog house kennel.
If you do not have access to a properly fenced in area for your pet you should look into backyard dog runs. I tend to be part of the latter crowd and have often dreamed about having my own wood-fired pizza oven in the backyard.

Although I'm no handyman, I'm thinking that I could eventually pull something like this off with practice (i.e. For the bathrooms and kitchen, where a smooth finish is necessary, we use Ikea’s butcher-block counters.
It was as simple as gluing the tongues into the grooves and using a clamp to hold them while they dry. Cut wood in desired lengths (or if you’ve bought them at a store, have them cut for you).
Apply wood glue lightly to one tongue at a time, setting each into a corresponding groove until all the pieces have been used and your desired width is reached.
Wipe counters clean and apply a water-based pre-stain wood conditioner according to directions.
Once the stain is thoroughly dry, begin applying the polyurethane topcoats according to directions. Attach using a thin line of wood glue and a couple of small (1″) finish nails to hold in place. Join her as she strives to put people first, celebrate imperfections, embrace simplicity, and find joy in everyday life. No offense at all, but if you’re having concerns like this, it would be in your best interest to hire a professional. However to stand up to wear and tear couldn’t I cover it with a coat of epoxy resin and then add the molding? I didn’t think it was possible to clean my wood floors with anything that wasn’t store bought, but I was wrong!
Once considered as a weapon of choice for everyone, from the Native Americans to the Mughal armies, a bow has been an elegant weapon that has served mankind since ages. However, bows can be made from oak, yew, teak, elm, hickory, black locust and hazel depending on their availability. Glue and nail the top (E), barrel rack (Y), and the stock rack (Z) in their respective places in the upper cabinet assembly.
Before nailing the drawer backs in place slip the drawer bottoms (S) into the grooves provided.
NOTE: Steps 12 through 14 and 17 through 19 should be completed after the finish procedures are complete. If your pets are anything like mine, you will know they’re very particular regarding their comfort and safety. Even if you don’t opt for some of the more elaborate options make sure that the model you choose is designed so that it can be well ventilated to dissipate heat or moisture. There are many varieties and styles of kits available that are easily assembled with a minimum of mechanical ability. The most important aspect of building your own is to ensure that all nails are safely embedded and cannot injure your pet during use. When an enclosure is placed around a dog house it provides a safe and secure area for your pet. If you are looking for an indoor dog kennel or house there are many different options to choose from. The problem is that you need a fortune (upwards of $2000) if you want to buy one pre-assembled. So we were pretty happy to discover that using basic tongue-and-groove flooring makes an easy DIY wood counter. A few small nails around the edge and it was ready to be finished – which is another easy couple of steps. I applied 5 coats total and didn’t sand between coats (I rarely do since none of my projects are about perfection!). Simple miter cuts are needed for corners which are easy using a miter box and saw if you don’t have access to a powered miter saw. I’m not very handy, but if it would hold up I think I could to this project for new counter tops and save money. If you really sanded them smooth so that all the topcoats would fill in the gaps, they should work. Some style options include: ranch, flat-roof, igloo, cabin, raised platforms, and cottage style. They are shipped in a knocked-down assembly and all that needs to be done is connect the pre-finished sections together.
When using lumber for a wooden dog house, it should always be sturdy enough for outdoor use and the design should enable platform capability so you can raise the floor to protect the animal from rain runoff and isolate him from the cold ground during winter.

If your pooch has allergies or other sensitivities you may want to consult with your veterinarian on the type of materials you should choose. Even if you have a fenced in yard you may not want to let your pooch have access to the whole yard.
If it seems to want to bow slightly, use something heavy to hold it down, like a brick or piece of wood. If, after wiping extra and drying, the stain is not as dark as you’d like, apply more coats as desired. You’d need to be careful not to let water sit on them, and use a topcoat product that is food-safe. Whatever wood is used, make sure that it is an inch thick in diameter, about 5 to 6 feet long, and is easily bendable. Some things to consider when determining whether to buy pre-made or build-to-suit are location, appearance, ease of assembly, maintenance and longevity.
They can be constructed with insulated materials that retain the inside warmth and heated with special heaters according to the animal’s needs. The choices are broad and with the cost of lumber rising steadily, are not so much more expensive than the complete do it yourself option. For instance, is wood or plastic a better choice, or what about paint and stain finishes or the type of insulating material?
Dog pens are a great way to confine your pet to a smaller area and are a much better option than chaining your canine which can be very dangerous! I love that the smell is natural and not as pungent as some of the super strong floor bought cleaners.
For arrows, the wood can be half an inch thick, and about 1 to 2 feet long.Making the BowAfter selecting the wood, shape it wide at the center and narrow and flexible at the ends. Heated pads are available in sizes where your pet is able to lay on or off the pad at their convenience and need. If you are considering wood, a cedar dog house is excellent due to its ability in avoiding decay and rot, and cedar is a natural insect repellent. Also often called a dog kennel these enclosures are available in many different shapes and styles to suit any breed. I’m going to share my homemade wood floor cleaner with you today, so you can make your own with zero chemicals. A dog house heater can provide overall warmth and they are designed with controllable thermostats and are safe and economical to use. Cut two notches with the help of a knife at about 1 or 2 inches from both the ends of the bow.
The notch should go about halfway through the diameter at a 90 degree angle, on the side of the bow which arches outward. These notches hold the bowstring together and are called the bow necks.Tying the Bow StringA variety of material can be used for the bowstring.
For more detailed instructions, dimensioned drawings and different variations of the project, check out our soon-to-be-released book. First, make a loop at one notch, then using your foot as leverage, force a gentle curve and secure the second notch at the other end.
The diameter of the arrow stick should be about half an inch, and the length should be half that of the bow. If the arrows are made at home, and not in a jungle, arrowheads from metal, stone or glass can also be made.To provide more balance and accuracy, some feathers can be added to the end of the arrow stick.
These can be made from cardboard papers by cutting into triangles and attaching to the tail of the arrow.
Also, make a notch at the end of the arrow, where the bowstring will sit, when pulled through the bow.A lot of care and patience should be taken while making bows and arrows so that it has the right balance. Although, many types of modern bows and arrows are available in the market today, nothing is more satisfying than making one yourself.The most time-consuming task of making bow and arrows is the whittling of wood. However, one should remember that the accuracy of these weapons are only as good as ones aim or shooting skills.

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