I started with different widths of one inch thick pieces of wood and had them cut at the hardwood store. With the paintbrush I would paint a layer of water and then a layer of stain and rub it off quickly with a rag to get that gray color. We cut two separate pieces of plywood and then nailed all the boards to the plywood to keep them together. I seriously love every last detail on this, from the antiqued look to the cute little birds on the picture frame.
I have real barn wood that has been water damaged so I was searching for a fix when I stumbled upon your post. My friend Liz Sharp has this classic red, white, and blue barn wood decoration in her entry way, and I think it is so cute. One weekend I decided I wanted to make something with barn wood or something similar for our master bedroom. The water keeps the stain from getting too far in the wood so it’ll be gray not black.
And as a precaution- you know-just in case I don’t get a gift from you…I make one this weekend!! It looks like you just have wire on it but I was wondering what type of wire and if the barn wood stays put with that type of hanging?
Ask at Home Depot, they know what they are, and then I always find a stud or use dry wall anchors first. A number of workshops and even take advantage of the company's furniture wood recycled or re-manufactured teak and offers a variety of products with the best quality.

I searched online for a while to see if there was anywhere close to me to purchase and everything was a far drive.
Liz’s sister Jennifer Stewart spray painted some barn wood and added the paper stars from the craft store to make the flag. Now I may be a little behind times here, I don't know if decorating with old barn boards is still in style and frankly I don't care. After stumbling across this post from Young House Love on how to make new wood look old I decided to try! Timing was very important as the board dried the stain would go darker especially the Ebony.
I was going to use the vinegar-steel wool method but with the size of my project it would’ve worked out. There are really two main kinds of boards, most old barns were sided in pine, these boards come in 12 inches widths, and are usually 12 feet long or longer. Then there is fence boards which are mostly cedar and are 6 inches wide and vary in length from 6 to 8 feet long, They both make wonderful material to create one of a kind projects. Old fence boards are more common as most of the old barns have collapsed or have been torn down. The best way to find old boards is to place a wanted ad on Craigslist or call your local fence company and tell them that you would like some old cedar fence boards. I have made several projects out old fence boards, outside planters, framed mirrors with a western theme, and an old bench that my wife has in the catchall room. I took a handful of potting soil and rubbed it into the section that was cut, it aged and matched it up to the rest of the wood.

Some farmer was going to tear down a barn that had been hit by a tornado and I asked for the wood.
All we did was clean the wood with some soap and water with one of those sprayers you hook onto the hose. Let it bake in the hot sun for a couple of days to get rid of the water and the little creatures, and then make whatever you want. A neighbor had a dilapidated barn torn down by a friend and his friend's kid started acting funny. He took him to the doctor and he had lead poisoning from the sawdust when his dad cut the wood.
If you've been keeping this wood in a dry spot for several months and there is no sign of rot, you should be good to go.
Therefore I would recommend pre-drilling for connectors (nails or screws), when you put together the picture frame. Screws are better to use because you can take them out, and there is less trauma to the old wood when screwing vs. Also, as mentioned by someone else, be very suspect of any old paint, as it may contain lead.

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