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I jumped at the chance to guest blog at A Nation of Moms because who doesn’t love the topics they cover, the principles they stand for and the great giveaways they host. Choosing what to write about actually wasn’t too complicated because Valerie asked for something crafty. I wanted to come up with a project that would be useful, that would mainly use materials you already have and that wouldn’t be time too consuming or complicated.
January 22, 2013 by Jasmine LuceroThe following is a post from contributing writer Jasmine. About Jasmine LuceroJasmine is a Christian, an Air Force wife, and homeschooling mother to six blessings. I am going to do this and and the tub can hold books writing stuff art supplies or what ever you can take to the leaving room , bedroom , camping or in the car .
You may not want to use it with the DIY travel high chair or you might get looks from people who are wondering why your child is so tied up. I say practically because near the end my hot glue gun broke (and this was just after I bought eleventy billion glue sticks).

For additional padding on the walls, glue batting (or extra layers of fabric if you don’t have batting) to the walls of the cardboard. I mean like heaven forbid we do get in an accident- it is just card board and would just crush- not an immidiate safety threat. I had seen cute lap desks at the crafting store, but decided I didn’t want to pay that much for one. Fold the fabric over the desk to measure how much you will need to cover the walls into the lap piece.
I folded the fabric onto the box like a present about one inch or so into the actual desk space. This is where my glue gun decided to get stopped up and wouldn’t pump the glue through any longer. If you don’t have a machine, simply cut (or use a seam ripper) a hole long enough for your button to pop through. The blog Tales of the Wife is not only a place where she shares information on green living and natural parenting but is also a place she goes for mommy time to share her feelings. I was just making last minute plans to travel to see a friend and was thinking- I don’t REALLY want to buy a tray, but my daughter would just LOVE one!!

Place something heavy on the foam to keep pressure on it until it is dry (I would wait a good 24 hours, but make sure to check and see if it is dry before using it). Poot is in love with this thing and it saves my ears from screams of boredom from the back seat.
I’m sewing from here on out but feel free to replace any stitches with lines of hot glue. Use your hot glue gun to glue the two layers of fabric together (on the inside of the fabric) around your button hole so that it won’t rip further or unravel.
It can be slightly smaller but I wouldn’t go larger because it will be difficult for your child to reach into.

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