Nielsen planes bronze no 4 smoothing no 60 1 2 low angle block plane - Lie nielsen hand planes, crafted in warren, maine usa, are among the finest planes made in the world today. Veritas® Low-Angle Jack Plane Our low-angle jack plane is ideal for shooting miters, working end grain, and initial smoothing. The plane's adjustable mouth can be closed to a narrow slit for fine shavings with minimum tear-out or opened for heavier cuts. Footprint planes - sawmill creek woodworking community : I have a footprint low angle block plane (one of the ones in yr pic). Buy woodworking machines and tools from busy bee tools, Busy bee tools has the woodworking machines and tools that every serious woodworker is after.
Machining is done to exacting standards in our factory; the milled sides and sole are surface ground to a fine finish.

Retrofitted with our tall front knob and new vertical tote, the plane works similarly to a #3 smoothing plane for small-scale work, working in tight areas, or for children to use.
You will appreciate the way this plane (with a toe that is one third the length of the sole) registers to the workpiece. All of this can be done quickly and accurately with the front locking knob and the unique mouth adjustment screw.
It has higher side wings ideal for shooting, finger grips in each side for better control, and a combined blade advance and lateral adjust that is the most sensitive and accurate available.
With sides machined square to the sole, a specially shaped lever cap, and the machined thumb recess on either side of the body, it provides both comfort and excellent control when shooting.
The adjustment mechanism, with its combined feed and lateral adjustment knob, makes blade setting easy and accurate.

The small, square teeth leave a textured surface that can be smoothed with a finely set plane or a scraper.
The set screws on either side of the blade prevent it from shifting in use, but allow full lateral adjustment.

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