Build the loft bed, but you can skip the bottom support on the side that this bookshelf will be installed. If you know these shelves are going to be taking some abuse, it would be a good idea to cut scrap pieces of 1x2s and fasten to the sides of the bookshelf under the top shelves.
While the original bed was too high for my girls (we opted for the fort bed) I am really excited by the modifications because this bed is now perfect for my niece. The Dollhouse Collection is a beautiful and feminine grouping of furniture fit for a little princess with several options just right for your little girl.

Just like the conventional bunk beds, the bed tents for bunk beds also come with guardrails and a ladder and are made from hardwood to make sure stability and durability. It’s amazing the way you break these unwieldy-looking projects into small we-can-do-it bites. My only reservation is wondering whether this will be considered a "baby bed" in a few years.
The castle artwork is all hand-painted featuring the serenity of a forest with adorable animals throughout this realistic foliage on the castle grounds .

The single tent bunk beds will be much like aloft bed in that just the upper level is used as the sleeping area.

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