This Lighthouse Is For The Birds!Building handcrafted birdhouses is an enjoyable woodworking craft that does not take a lot of time, experience or expensive tools.
Whether simple or decorative, a functional birdhouse must meet the basic housing requirements for cavity nesting birds.
The diameter of the entrance hole is also very important; the entrance needs to be large enough to allow native cavity nesting birds to enter (such as bluebirds, chickadees and nuthatches) but small enough to keep aggressive and undesirable birds like starlings from taking over the nest box.
Build The Lighthouse In SectionsIt's the architectural details of the decorative turret structure on top of the birdhouse along with the pieces of applied trim that says "Lighthouse".
Measure and mark the corners of the Turret Roof (Part C) to make an octagon, and then cut off the corner pieces. When you are satisfied with the fit, center one of the Turret Inserts on the top of the Base section (Part A).
The main tower section of the lighthouse is the primary nest box, and this is essentially a simple six-sided structure. Position the Bottom (Part D) in place between the front and side pieces, and attach with weather-resistant screws or nails. The last section to add is the hinged side: line up the side with the rest of the nest box assembly, making sure that the bottom of each piece is flush. Assemble the nest box following the same basic steps outlined in the Tower section (don't forget to drill a few house through the bottom section for drainage). The Final AssemblyTo assemble the three sections into a Lighthouse, start by lining up the Tower and Shed boxes together, making sure that both boxes are flush along the bottom edge. The Base section for the lighthouse turret is centered on the top of the Lighthouse Tower, and attached with weather-resistant screws. Unique Birdhouse DesignsThis craftsman makes original and unique birdhouses from reclaimed barn wood. DEWALT DW1720 Brad Point Bit Set, 6-PieceBrad Point bits have a sharp tip that keeps the bit from 'walking' during the drilling process. Specialty Tools and AccessoriesThe Lighthouse can be assembled using basic hand tools, but there are a couple of specialty drill bits that I used to make building the project easier.
1Wood CraftsDovecote Birdhouse Plans: How To Build A Simple Dovecote Style BirdhouseThis Dovecote Birdhouse is built for the birds!
Two Crafty Paws 2 years ago We have lots of birdhouses around the house, all of them store bought though (some decorated by hand, some not). Diana Wenzel 2 years ago from Colorado I'm working on a new birdhouse even as we speak. GregoryMoore 2 years ago from Louisville, KY My father in law has gotten into building and selling birdhouses as a hobby. 4 foot Lighthouse Woodworking Plan The 4 foot Lighthouse is a perfect size for either an indoor or outdoor decoration. This plan gives you the authentic feel of a working lighthouse, plus the comfort and efficiency of DECK PLANS and DECK DRAINAGE PLANS When necessary; BUILDING SECTIONS. 2-Story Birdhouse KitPlaid wood surfaces are ready to paint, stain, decoupage, wood burn, or embellish.
9 Assorted Wood Craft Kits For KidsKits includes wood pieces and kid friendly instructions.
Build-Your-OwnWooden BirdhouseIncludes: 7 wooden panels, nails, hanging chain, hooks, glue, paint, brush and building instructions. This is a pretty tiny bird house which would make a fun hobby project for a kid or an adult. These great unfinished wooden birdhouses assemble right out of the box with no nails or glue!

Perfect for your large groups, this fun craft contains enough materials to paint or watercolor stain 24 small birdhouses. Wood box planter plans how to Download wood box planter plans PDFThis purpose is refined and easy to. Small wood chest plans DIY Download small wood chest plans PDFsmall wood chest plans A small wood chest force out hold anything from jewelry to bare keys to diminished trinkets. Workbench plans family handyman PDF Download workbench plans family handyman PDFTwenty five items It has drawers and shelves for tool storage. Library chair ladder plans how to Download library chair ladder plans PDFThe command that Saviour gave to His apostles is run My sheep. Diy wood ipad stand DIY Download diy wood ipad stand PDFPhoto and gift basket by for details diy wood ipad stand.
Birdhouse lighthouse plans DIY Download birdhouse lighthouse plans PDFHardware parts kits It's not a affluent and quite a large. These free birdhouse plans are simple enough for kids to build but they may need adult supervision. This house is simple to build, cost pennies to make and is a great way to recycle coffee cans and scrap wood. This log cabin bird house can be built by kids using reclaimed wood, glue and a few nails.?
Functional birdhouses and nest boxes can be as simple as a six-sided box with an opening for the birds to enter, or elaborately decorated to resemble a Victorian gingerbread house. The size and depth of the nest box is important, both to protect the baby birds from predators and to give the nestlings enough room to grow until they are ready to leave the nest.
This Lighthouse looks complicated but it is really simple to make: the birdhouse is three separate sub-sections that are built individually and then assembled. The construction process is broken down into three separate sub-assemblies: the Turret assembly at the top, the main Lighthouse Tower nest box and the smaller Angled Shed nesting box. I cut the bevels using a table saw, which simplifies the milling process and creates the beveled stock to make the turret. Clamp the dowel to the workbench (or drill press table) and slowly drill the first hole (a brad-point drill bit works well).
Make sure that the front of the Turret Insert lines up parallel to the front of the Base, and secure with weather-resistant screws or nails. The exact dimensions are not critical (especially if you do not have a scrap of thick wood), and you can substitute any other type or size of wood that you have available. Then, secure the other Turret Inset to the underside of the Turret Roof, again making sure that the front sections of the insert and the roof are parallel. The sides are slightly shorter than the front and back pieces, creating a narrow gap at the top of the nest box for airflow. The two nails (or screws) act as a pivot point and hinge, allowing the nest box door to open easily for cleaning.
The top of the turret and the base section with the railings are painted with exterior-grade flat black paint. The turret and steeple top on pressed in place on the Turret Insets and if the fit is snug, you do not need to secure the pieces in place with nails or screws. Tom adds lots of details to his birdhouses, including his signature "birdhouse", and his work just might inspire your next unique birdhouse design.
I love this idea, well all of your birdhouses look great but the light house one is beyond awesome.
Not only are they beautiful and unique decorative pieces, but can be wired to light the pathway as well..

Building the Lighthouse Roof and Railings The platform, railing, and roof of the lighthouse tower are cut from cardboard. Because of this, each is a fantastic family project and like all of Greenleaf's products, it is made in the USA. With everything you need for a look-what-I-did building project, this bird house will take pride of place in the back yard for years to come. Each kit contains precut wood easy to follow instructions for assembly and finishing all you need is the glue, sandpaper and paint (sold separately)!
Includes wooden birdhouses (8 each of 3 different designs), sandpaper, non-toxic watercolor and acrylic paint, brushes and instructions. With lace around the bottom, this little bird house will make the perfect home for some lucky tweety bird in your yard.
Add a few trim pieces and a little paint to highlight the features, and this attractive lighthouse is ready for occupancy. Double-check your settings -- and the position of the stock -- before you make the cut to ensure that you are cutting the 'right' edge of the wood. Spread water-resistant glue along the edges of each bevel, and clamp the pieces of the Turret together. Then, turn the dowel 90 degrees and clamp it back to the table before drilling the second hole. After cutting off the corners, the turret should fit snugly (but not tight) over the turret inserts. The center of the entrance hole is 6" down from the top, and centered in the front of the box. Secure the bottom of the hinged down with a weather-resistant screw.Cut the Entrance Guard (Part F) to size. Start by cutting the pieces to the dimensions outlined in the cutting list and in the Lighthouse diagram, including the 30-degree cuts on the top ends of the Side (Part C) and one edge of the Roof (Part E). Carefully tack the trim pieces into the edges of the front and back pieces.The decorative finial at the top of the Steeple is a manufactured piece used for making wooden toys, and I picked it up at a local hardware store (you can substitute any suitable shape). Lighthouse Shadow Woodworking Plan Make this eye-catching lighthouse shadow from plywood to display in your yard or on a building.
This decorative 4' high lighthouse both adds beauty to your landscaping and lights your. A band clamp works well for holding the pieces in alignment while the glue sets, and several rubber bands will work in a pinch. Don't worry if the hole tears out or is not perfect; the railings and posts are easy to patch and paint later. I started by cutting the angles using a table saw, and then cut the pieces to their final length. This tiny lighthouse makes a nice night-light; its soft glow is just bright enough to lead your child to the safe harbor of his bed. Attached the guard to the front of the nest box (I mounted the Entrance Guard on the bias).

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