We have designed a charming Easter decoration for you: An eggcup made from wood in the shape of an Easter Bunny. Description: Desk name plates can be laser engraved or sublimated on a variety of metals & can be mounted to your choice of Black or Cherry Piano wood, bright silver metal or a rose gold metal stand. A sleek alternative to backlit onyx mosaics, these backlit stone and wood screen panels create extravagant patterns for an interior feature walls and ceilings.
In an interplay between organic veins and geometric repetition, the wood screens frame the natural movement of the onyx. A Laser cutting is a computer controlled machine process that uses a focused laser beam as the cutting tool and cuts by vaporizing the material being cut. Once you have a design you can email it to us and we will send you an estimate of the costs. Include a 1″ square for a size reference, and include just the outline of your parts. Leave enough space around each part so that we can easily select them to create the cutting pattern. Note that the absolute accuracy of the part may vary slightly depending on the material and its thickness.
Text, thick lines, bit maps, and fills (shaded areas) will be not be cut but may be engraved if that is required.

Due to the incredible versatility of this process and the range of materials that can be processed the following list  a sample of what can be done with laser cutting.
Fabric – letters, appliqu?s, patches, ribbons, buttonholes, cut outs, decorations, craft parts, etc. Leather – pockets, patches, craft components, key fobs, wallets, purses, knife sheaths, containers, bracelets, decorations, etc. Paper – cut outs, scrap booking, crafts, gaskets, decorations, presentation bags, fold up shapes, etc. Wood – models, letters, puzzles, grills, fret work, scrollwork, decorative accents, craft parts, robot parts, clocks, templates, boxes, toys, inlays, ornaments, signs, etc.
If you have any questions about what we do, if a material can be processed, or how the process can be used to make your parts please contact us.
The edges of some materials including Lexan, wood, and paper may be discoloured by smoke or charring. Once you have your drawing finished, you can send it along with an email to request a quote from us. For larger jobs (order totalling over 2 hours and repeat production runs) we offer a lower per minute cost.
Orders paid by PayPal, money order, bank draft, or certified cheque will be added to the production schedule immediately.

If you have any questions about having a laser cut part made feel free to contact us any time. Start the engraving and cutting process with the power and speed parameters indicated below. Backlit illumination increases the contrast between the surface materials, providing an intriguing focal point for commercial and hospitality spaces. Note that if a black graphic has a thin red outline the laser will engrave the area and then cut along the outline. Due to the taper, one side of a laser-cut part (the side that the beam hits first) will have a slightly wider kerf (cut width) than the opposite side.
If you do not have a computer drawing of your part you can mail or email a drawing or sketch along with the required sizes and we can design drawing for you.

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