The prestigious journal Foreign Affairs runs a short (and favorable) review of The Knockoff Economy.
Apple, in designing the iPad and iPhone, created its version of a rectangular reading platform. What’s most interesting about the verdict is that Apple itself is a serial imitator—as many great innovators are.
So while Samsung probably deserves some of the sweeping verdict, what Samsung did is really normal practice in many fields, including electronics. Chinese manufacturers piggyback off of successful products by cranking out thousands of copies, nowhere is this truer than with the success of the iPhone.  There are literally hundreds of iPhone knockoffs, ranging from empty shells with the LED Apple logo lit up to exact copies (until the phone stops working and you crack it open to find all the parts are in the wrong place). Seriously, Prada?  How often do you complain about those evil pirates stealing your clothes, and then you turn around and do this?  We’re going to buy knockoff handbags without wincing, now. Of all our knockoffs, the Meizu M8 deserves credit for actually bothering to inject some of its own design elements. Yeah the LG prada was in SK and came out way before the Iphone, you need to get your facts straight before posting stuff like this on the Internet.
My friend it appears your lack of research skills has been called…by people on the internet no less.
On another note, the lists on this site are written by humans just like you, which means mistakes are made. I also challenge any of you to write your own top 10 list and submit it… come on, you know you secretly want to participate – and it can be a lot of fun! Instead of challenging someone to send their top list, why not edit this article and correct it. Hi Alister, I understand where you are coming from but we don’t usually rewrite whole sections of the lists once they have been published. How is LG Dare a knockoff, the picture you posted shows an lg with the interface totally different from the on iOS has.

To get this finish I first painted two coats of white DIY chalk paint (recipe here) which I had leftover from my TV cabinet makeover.  Are you noticing a theme here?
After all my letters were outlined in pencil, I used a dark red craft paint to fill in the letters with a small paint brush.
This Anthropologie knockoff charmed hair tie tutorial is similar to my Anthropologie Knockoff Multitude Headband Tutorial.
Fold the elastic in half and in half again to get it to thread through smaller bead openings. Slide the beads and gems to the center of the piece of fold over elastic and tie a knot in the ends.
Cincinnati Reds fan and Bloomberg BNA reporter Ananadashankar Mazumdar points out to me that NY Mets’ mascot Mr. Yet now Apple has succeeded in punishing Samsung for much the same thing: copying a rectangular design. Steve Jobs famously visited the Xeros Palo Alto Research Center in 1979, where he saw a Xerox prototype that used a mouse and a graphical user interface. So every phone that comes out from now on with a touchscreen (and even a full keypad in the case of #6) is inevitably a rip off of the iphone?
The Internet is full of all sorts of intentionally misleading information- why not save your time (and your name-calling) for that instead of picking on this writer? I often invite the harshest critics to send in their own list and I haven't received one yet – prove me wrong and send it in! If the error had been caught during editing, the list would have been sent back to the writer for changes, but I missed it. The point here is NOT to have the stain absorbed into the wood, like you would traditionally use stain.
Met, who is usually credited with being the first major league baseball mascot, is actually a knockoff of “Mr.

If innovators are not protected against imitation, they will not invest in more innovation. Now the Finnish company is down to a single-digit market share in smartphones, although they are still a major player in the market for lower-end cellphones (dumbphones?).  That Forbes cover shows that how fierce competition can be in technology markets, and how innovation can change the game in an instant.
The rectangular shape of the iPhone and iPad, for instance, strongly resemble the ur-reading device of paper. The charmed hair ties are the same thing as the multitude headbands except they are smaller and they have jewels on them. If you have thinner hair or are making these for a child, you could probably use smaller pieces of fold over elastic. And instead of cheese curds, Boden uses cubes of halloumi soaked in harissa.  The dish is topped with shredded lamb and a rich lamb gravy. And there were many iterations between the invention of paper and the invention of the rectangular phone. I'm a close to a true geek so I love discovering new things my gadgets can do now and then.
I was not going to spend $400+ for a phone just because it is an American phone company selling it. TV, WIFI, Radio, Two cameras (front and back), flash and flash light, okay, I will stop there but the list goes on and on.
In its traditional form, it’s made with french fries covered in veal gravy and topped liberally with cheese curds. If you want to argue that LG still ripped off Apple by use of a time machine or something, (probably also made by Apple right?) there are plenty of others that predate the Iphone.

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