A A A  One of the funniest stories about this layout was this guy calling me up one day saying he wanted a high end O scale train layout built. A A A  I used hundreds of feet of wire and decided to use a home run type of wiring system as I knew it would supply better signal for the DCS operating system and also supply more amperage to where it was needed.
This is where all the wiring ultimately comes to and where it receives it digital command signals. In this scene of the layout you can see I had very tight space to work with and so I went with a brick wall building up to a rock outcrop with the intent of adding heavy foliage to jungle the whole thing up. This is the same scene with bits of ground foam applied as well as some of my home madeA  Goldenrod trees.
This bit of free perspective occurred due to the change in the wall where it meets the ceiling . These two bridges are designed to swing out of the way to allow access to the center section and rail yard. This mountain has a lot of bright falls colors as it is the tallest and the leaves turn color firstA  at the higher elevatio-ns. This Smart Solutions Full Storage Panel Bed with Bookcase by American Woodcrafters offers casual rustic style with a nod to mod. Use on entertainment units, file cabinets, grandfather clocks, china cabinets, bookcases, and wall units.
Anti-tip protection for china cabinets, grandfather clocks, bookcases, wall centers, dressers, and more. 2,Strong corner protector and PE foam are used for the package to ensure it is strong enough for the long way transportation.
The big truss bridge that connects to the trestle bridges and all the supports I made of steel. The track is very cool in that it comes in 3 foot sections and can be bent(carefully) to form curves.

There has never been a large number if manufacturers, but the survivors are making the most exciting trains in history. The portals above are a necessity for getting at stalled or derailed trains as well as cleaning track. Most of the inspiration for the scenery comes from the Allegheny Mountain region of the Appalacian Mountains of Pennsylvania andA  West Virginia. It gives a lovely impression that you are looking out across a body of water to where the horizon meets the sky. There is a large track yard through the portals giving a huge amount of rolling stock storage. It is now to the point where the owner wants to take over and so I offer these last two youtube clips that show it to this point. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
2,Strong corner protector and foam are used for the package to ensure it is strong enough for the long way transportation. About a year later when he had the two story garage built, the second story to be dedicated to the train room I realized he was serious!
Not liking the wimpy framework I had seen on other layouts I knew It would be useful to build it strong enough to stand on to make finishing it later easier. Once we started running long trains I had to divide the power zones up even more and add more transformers to supply power as a big double headed engine on a long gradeA  could easily trip the transformers circuit breaker! The owner did not believe the trees could be such bright colors until he visited the region! It has been a wonderful experience with many of the challenges I like to sink my teeth into, but all good things must pass. T he track is held in place by a bituminous membrane that is stuck to the surface and then the track to that.

While Lionels system is proprietary MTH trainsA  system is capable of running Lionel ,but not the other way around. Most of the low brush and bushes were simply more cost effective to make by purchasing various shades of ground foam of different sizes. The products have a good sale in Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Poland, UK, peedS, Kuwait, UAE and so on.On time delivery, excellent design ability, quality control and inexpensive price have won us a good reputation in both domestic and international markets. I knew he wantedA  wireless command control of the whole layout and left me with vague instructions for a couple of loops around the room.When he got back to see what I had done he told me to do what ever I wanted.
The truss bridge in the background is a kit bridge and nowhere near as strong as the others you see, but adequate.
There are a few brad nails here and there to keep stuff from moving but by and large it holds it all just fine.
Some of the larger ones I made by buying blocks of the foam and tearing it into chunks the sizes needed. Some of the conifers I purchased because they were going to be too time consuming to think of making in the quantity needed. Very few O scale layouts have enough room to really make it look perfect from every angel andA  so it becomes a study in compromise.
But the majority of the trees I made by collecting bags and bags of Goldenrod ( a common weed) in the fall and spending weeks hanging and dryingA  it in my basement. It can be easiest to just pick your scenes and make them look great from a specific vantage point.

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