Interior Barn Doors – Sliding barn doors are a growing trend in the residential design industry and are excellent space-saving solutions for pantries, laundry rooms, master bathrooms, or any interior space where every square foot matters. If the proliferation of barn doors in homes, restaurants, and everywhere else but actual barns is any indication, then yes. I can’t tell you how good it feels to get finished with a project that you’ve put your heart and soul into for months! The rollers and track were fairly easy to install and I made sure to secure the red mahogany-stained pine brace to the wall studs perfectly so that it could support the weight of the barn door and track. This project makes a huge impact on our space, creating incredibly beautiful and functional Art! I do have a question for you, but first let me say that I am self-employed and make beautiful things for the interior design field.
The first door I hastily put together was not finished, but I took it over to the furniture store, and left it with them so as to get some feedback. So cool that you are a creator of beautiful things for the interior design field, my major in college, btw… I could see how your creative process could quickly turn into life-numbing work after doing the same thing over and over. The steel being used in your door should definitely keep the wood in check, brilliant solution + who doesn’t love the aesthetic achieved from mixing wood with steel?!
We fell in love with barn-style track systems that are hanging gorgeous doors in and on all the design magazines and websites right now. So Scott spent weeks designing and putting them together himself, for a total of less than $120 (not including tools). He is so extremely thorough and pays so much attention to detail it kinda makes my head spin. Click here to access the materials list, which includes the tools needed (the big ones being a miter saw and bench grinder). To start, you’re going to attach the track wheels to the bars that will hold up your doors. The rod and the flat bar need to be held in place (preferably by someone else standing on them) as you continue to hammer the flat bar until it’s folded. Please be careful when you cut the excess off at the top near the wheel that you don’t hit the wheel with the blade.
The key ingredients for the track system are the wooden backboard, the steel track, and the spacers between the two, which rest atop the washers. For two or more doors, you’re probably not going to find a steel piece long enough to have a continuous track. To make our own spacers, we bought a steel pipe and cut it to length using the miter saw with the masonry blade. We left specific measurements out of the track design because it’s going to vary based on your specific use. If you want to stop the doors in the center of the track, repeat this process with two stoppers in the middle like we did. We aren’t including instructions on how to make the doors in this tutorial, though we hope to have them up shortly in a separate tutorial. We laid the doors back down to get them out of the way, and Scott used that line to attach the track to the wall, lining the top of the back board up to the line. To attach the wheels and bars to the door, we set the doors back on the drywall sheet, and I held them against the closet as Scott placed the wheels over the track and marked where he wanted them to be bolted to the doors. You’re going to have to re-measure for each wheel because the measurements may vary slightly.
One final safety feature we added to ours (after my many visions of our rambunctious children somehow managing to pull the doors down on top of themselves) are these back door roller assembly pieces and an aluminum c-channel strip. The rollers attach to the wall, near the corner of the door opening, and the c-channel strip runs the width of the door along the backside.
While we tried to be as thorough as possible with this, it’s certainly possible we missed some things, so please chime in in the comments section with any questions you have. Christina - I wish your husband would consider actually making the hardware system and selling it on Kickstarters.

I am not a handiperson, nor is my spouse, so we can’t do what your husband does here. Cathy Minner - We just bought the barn door hardware and paid the $400 and yours is just as good. Round Barn Door Track - […] DIY Barn Door Track Tutorial Between the hardwood floors, our entire home office, the kitchen table, and now these closet doors, hung from a barn-style track system that he designed and engineered himself, we have saved tens of thousands of dollars to get such custom touches in our home. I thought I would share what I’m doing with my limited budget (after the recent price increases in materials over the last month).
We haven’t had the chance to show off the fabulous Parade of Homes project we collaborated with back in June. The barn doors are a super stylish door varieties featuring four hinged metal slats designed for holding the cinema lights. The distinctive design attributes of the barn doors have led to their increased popularity in the market. Modern interior barn door hardware brings in a great style to the array and its application offers great form and function.
Barn Doors with open faced fixtures – This design helps in creating two shadows of the barn door. Barn Doors with diffused glass accessory – Adding a glass accessory in the door’s design will offer a subtle cutting effect to it. Sliding barn doors were once a It was just October 2012, when Denver, Colorado-based metal hardware manufacturer Goldberg Brothers, Inc.
I’ve always wanted an interior sliding barn door, but I never had the perfect and functional spot for one until we moved. The other materials were hard to come by, making this project take much longer than it should have, but worth the wait.
I am extremely proud of my thriftiness on this project since barn doors and hardware online can easily reach into the thousands! The most time-consuming part of this project was taking the pallets apart, but two hammers and some elbow grease are all that’s needed.
Barn doors can get extremely expensive, but if you’re thrifty and take your time finding the hardware, it becomes an extremely affordable project! Might I suggest doing small side projects for yourself, friends, or to sell on Etsy so that your passion stays alive?
In the case of your barn door, as long as you biscuit join each piece to the next & add a couple full length supports on the back, warp should be near non-existent. That said, most of the tools would likely be found in your garage if you’ve done a few home-improvement projects. Scott started the bend by laying it over a piece of the bent angle steel on the floor with about 6-8 inches sticking off one side, standing on top of the steel bar. Hammer the flat bar another 90 degrees until the bar has completely folded over.  Keep the rod in the seam of the bend the entire time so your bend is curricular to allow head space for the wheel. Using a crowbar, pry the bent end of the bar away from the straight end to make room to insert the wheel. I held the doors in place while Scott placed the track on top of the doors, resting the bottom of the steel bar of the track directly onto the top of the doors.
These are steps you can only take AFTER you’ve assembled your doors and attached the wheels to them. A DIY Barn Door Track Tutorial that will leave you with a gorgeous custom piece that looks like something out of a design magazine. Please be sure to leave your comments in the blog comments portion and not the Facebook comments portion since I don’t receive notification of Facebook comments on here and may miss your question. I too have been a fan of the barn door look but price tag steered me away from the thought. An Easy Pennant Tutorial - […] felt and I hot glued them to ribbon to make streamers for our background, which was set against our barn doors in the office. These doors don’t only feature elegant look but also fastening light gels and shaping light.

Placing a diffusion between the Barn Doors and the lamp allows beam cutting, which adds another lush to the beauty of the door. The sliding design of the barn door hardware offers a gap in between the wall of the bathroom and the door which further allows it to slide over the wall easily.
Farm style design, over-sized reclaimed design, rustic barn door are a few other design barn door styles that could also prove out to be a good option for you.
I found some old Cannon Ball Starline rollers on eBay for ridiculously cheap and scoured my town for a track to house the rollers, eventually finding just what I needed at PRO Build. I also had to buy a piece of 1 x 6 pine to attach the track brackets to and of course bolts to screw the pine into the wall’s studs. I joined biscuits and used wood glue throughout and also randomly nailed to give it a well-loved look. The door looked a little lonely, so I found an antique four pane window on eBay and printed a picturesque mountain plains view to place inside, giving an expansive feeling when in reality it’s just a wall behind the window… so nice to have a mountain view here in Florida!
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We searched high and low for a tutorial that would tell us how to re-create the rustic-meets-modern look of this exposed hardware, but couldn’t find any that were detailed enough or produced the look similar to the kits we would buy if we had a limitless budget. Again, use motor oil if needed to keep your bit from dulling, and use the grinder to re-sharpen your drill bit as you work. With a little tweaking here and there I removed a pocket door and replaced it with a 5’6″ door that looks awesome! Though originally they were conceived for their artistic features, but their high functionality has led to the increased demand of the kind.
But at the same time, make sure to keep the theme of the array in mind when selecting a barn door design for your home.
I wanted the wood of the barn door to look authentically aged so I oxidized it, well, my oxidizing specialist aka my adorable 5 year-old little guy, oxidized it & he did an amazing job!
Maybe you could make a decorative wood frame or simply keep it frameless & paint the whole doorway frame the same color as the wall? There is room for framework, but mine does not have it since I wanted to keep it as light as possible in case my little monkeys, er kids, decided to hang from it, lol! And hopefully you can understand why it’s taken over a month to get it up after I let you all peek at our doors this summer. To prevent from burning out your drill bit, you  may want to dip your drill bit periodically into some engine oil. You can also use the grinder to smooth out the cuts at the ends and where the holes are drilled. There is a public photo album of my finished product on fb that shows how these instructions can be used to create a rail system of any size.
The home was a great place to showcase our interior barn door hardware tracks and door pulls.
All of our interior barn door tracks were accompanied by doors supplied through Nu Vu Glass.
It’s not only the extra doors that will help the new Clubman to become a more family-friendly proposal The barn door can come in nearly any material, explains Houston-based designer Laura Umansky of Laura U, Inc.
When all was said and done the materials were about $96 and the finished project is worth every penny! Even if you choose the basic model and the least colourful interior, the Smart is still a bit ‘look It’s a unique thing to look at, with a front end by Barn Door Styling Ltd and a two-tone paint job that traces the special safety cell making They possess yin & yang.

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