Step-by step guide to installing your hardwood stairs to save money and improve your home value. If you are ready to install beautiful hardwood stairs then you should be aware that this is a fairly complex process. I am planning to install hardwood on pre-existing stairs and landing that presently have rug on them. A customer recently reached out to us with a very simple question about our synthetic wood beams – which direction should they run in? Traditionally, horizontal beams span the shortest gap between walls, as these faux wood beams do.. In most buildings, structural ceiling beams run across the shortest length of ceiling because that enables them to support the most amount of weight. Apex roofs and cathedral ceilings could have beams running either way – or a synthetic wood beam frame. If you’re installing synthetic timber beams on a sloping or apex ceiling, you could run them either way. As exposed ceiling beams became popular, homeowners would generally reveal whichever beam was “underneath” the other; so the exposed beam would run seamlessly from one side of the room to the other. A framework of crisscrossed beams is also popular – and can be recreated by cutting notches out of our faux wood beams with a regular wood saw, then slotting them together with the other beams at right angles. A synthetic wood truss mimics traditional structural trusses, which supported larger, cathedral ceilings. FauxWoodBeams Customer Linda finished off her dining room recently with our Custom Timber beams in Walnut.
This video features prefinished handscraped Hickory retrofit stair Installing Hardwood Flooring on Stairs.

Since stairs are Installing laminate flooring on stairs is a good way to add a decorative touch to your stairs. In this eight page segment we'll show how to measure and install strip or plank on common staircases that have been covered by Stair Landings: wood flooring, stair landing edge treatments + custom made unfinished flooring in lengths to match our hardwood stair treads! Installing Hardwood Stair Treads Carpet treads can wear out, if the staircase Replacing carpet with hardwood stair treads Hardwood flooring is fast becoming popular. The customer was interested in installing three of our timber beams in her living room, but didn’t know if they should run the length of the room, or go from one side to the other. The beautiful thing about our synthetic wood beams is that you’re pretty much limited only by your imagination when it comes to installation options.
If that’s the look you’re going for, you should think about installing them in the same position real wood beams would have been used to support a roof or ceiling.
When framing a ceiling, builders tend to use thicker lengths for the longer stretch between walls, then small beams to prop up the apex. These stunning structures are easy to mimic with faux wood beams; but once again you should create your designs with real architecture in mind. The great thing about “going faux” is that synthetic wood is lighter, easier to install and a fraction of the price of real wood – and that means you can create things with them that you’d never be able to do with authentic timber.
Please share it with us – and send pictures of your own faux wood beams projects, no matter which direction they’re installed in! Indeed, it is a brand new technology people use to cover the wall, the largest area of the house. The following article will give you tips on how to do it I have stairs going from my first to second floor.
Finish the landing's new hardwood floor by filling the holes with To complete the project, install the new base moldings all around the stairs and landing.

Hardwood flooring, stairs, and wood Railings with DIY Information to buy smart and install like a seasoned professional. Create a truss design that matches what a real builder would have created out of real wood – check out our wooden truss photo gallery for inspiration.
I am ordering hardwood from iFloor that I intend to install myself, as I have some hardwood flooring experience. There are several factors to consider if you decide to take on this task as a do-it Depending, how the original hardwood staircase installation was assembled.
It offers something different, something amazing that boosts the whole ambiance of the house without spending too much money along the process. Installing wainscoting also is easy so you do not have to call up some backups just to help you out with this kind of matter.
DIY: How to Install Hardwood Stairs A Basic Lesson on Building Your Own Stairs is an overview of the potential complications associated with hardwood flooring. There are so many methods you could possible use by the time you want to put it in your house and that is why you have to stick around a little bit to know the way installing wainscoting.Basically, there are two general methods of wainscoting installation. While traditional installation is no longer popular because it is kind of difficult to perform and needs a helping hand from professional contractor, wainscoting kit gains its popularity on this modern era because of its ease of installation. That is right—with the use of wainscoting kits, you no longer need to spend extra cost for this matter. How to get the best deal?Those questions are common and a lot of people ask the same questions as yours. The difference is not only the amount of money to pay, but also the quality of the product at the same time.

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