Today’s garden feature is from the lovely Proverbs 31 Wife blog and we are showing off their tutorial on how to hollow out a log to make a flower planter.
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If you search around the web you will quickly find many companies, artists and craftspeople who make log furniture in a variety of styles and with a variety of historical and contemporary influences.
Over the coming months we will be featuring several of these companies, artists and craftspeople right here on this website. And if you’re a woodworker with an itch to try something different, you are definitely going to want to bookmark this website and come on back often to learn how-to make log furniture with a real twist on tradition. Let’s face it, there is nothing as satisfying as making a piece of furniture for yourself, your family, or friends, that reflects your own unique style, taste and personality.
And we all know the quality of something you make for yourself will always be something you can be proud of for many years to come.

So no matter what type of log furniture you desire, you can now easily learn to make it for yourself. And what better way to celebrate nature in or around your home than with furniture that you have made yourself using the natural resource available. Join hundreds of log furniture enthusiasts like yourself who get fresh content delivered to their email inbox every time we publish! If you have a felled tree on your property you have been saving for qyuite a while and not sure what to do with it… this project is perfect!
A sign up sheet will contain names of individuals along with the job or activity title, address of person, phone and email address and additional notes about each individual. An address book will contain basic information about each contact like name of the contact person, street address, email address, home phone, cell phone, office phone etc. Regular working hours, overtime hours and total hours are included to record the total working of employees. I have created this site to help business individuals in using or creating professional word templates. Rustic log furniture should not only be a reflection of your individual style and taste, it should compliment and enhance your existing home decor and lifestyle.
And while one style of log furniture may appeal to some, there will always be those who seek a little something different.
Whether you’re using logs that have been sanded smooth or are leaving the inner bark in place, or maybe you want to learn how-to make log furniture the traditional way, now is the time to subscribe to our Newsletter.
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I have added all most common and demanded templates in my site and I am sure, you will love my work. If you make log furniture, or you know someone who would like to be featured on this website, simply leave your name and email address below and we will be in touch very soon!
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