When we next get together, we’re going to have a tortilla frying session so I can help you lick this issue. I have yet to master the whole corn tortilla wrapping issue…I think we both need a lesson from Amber!
My kitchen tip is how to make corn tortillas, which we’ve recently learned how to make. It took us awhile to get them down good and we’re still learning, but we stuck with the recipe on the masa bag for the most part. Roll into individual balls and place between 2 sheets of wax paper on a tortilla press and press into tortilla rounds. This makes quite a lot of tortillas, but we’ve successfully kept the already mixed up masa in our fridge.
You can eat your tortillas with some refried beans and cheese for a dirt cheap meal or enjoy them smeared with butter! Just leave a direct link to the Kitchen Tip you blogged about and I’ll add it to the list! I have a small wooden one like the one your husband made, but I’d love a much larger version for the larger flour tortillas.
April 29, 2014 by Gloria 84 CommentsCorn tortillas wrapped around hot dogs with melted cheese inside.
A free and easy corn tortilla recipe with step-by-step instructions and lots My Home Cooking. Food Drink; Games Recreation Looking for an authentic Mexican recipe using corn tortillas? Tortillas a Mexican Food Tradition TORTILLAS The most important use of corn is the one way to use tortillas is in Tacos, here are some delicious Mexican Tacos Recipes You Found It! Kitchen Mysteries with The Food Geek Recipes using corn tortillas Corn tortillas, as traditional to Mexican cooking as Baguettes are to the full, fresh-baked Mexican experience is all that will satisfy.

My name is Ben and I created this space to share my culinary (and other) adventures in Mexico.
In a medium skillet over medium heat, cook the beef and onions until the beef is no longer pink.
Enchiladas are one of my hubby’s all time favorite foods… I will have to make these!
If you’re joining us from Tammy’s Recipes, I just want to say welcome and thanks so much for stopping by! We just mixed with our hands and kept adding water until we could form a ball without it cracking.
NOTE: The first time we did this we didn’t use a press and tried doing it with our hands and between plates, but we saw that it would be way easier with a press, so the next day Cameron made one for me! Just mold it into a big ball and wrap in saran wrap or put in a big zip top bag and store in the fridge.
Cook for almost a minute, then flip to the other side for almost a minute then flip it back to the first side again and take off.  You want the tortillas to darken just a little before taking them off the griddle. Take a small handful of dough, place between sheets of plastic, press using a flat, thick-bottom pan until evenly flattened. My older son Blake (12) has such a liking for corn dogs and I hate that, so these are such a better alternative. I actually ate a hotdog in a corn tortilla once, but that was because I was out of bread and had already made all the hotdogs. Mexican Food Home Mexican Food Recipes We Love Mexican Food Enjoy special collection of trusted Easy Using Corn Tortillas recipes submitted Mexican Style Chicken With Tortilla . 6 6-inch corn tortillas, each cut into 6 wedges More great recipes, menus and cooking tips at Some of the Mexican food that make use of corn meal tortilla are. I encourage you to try Go from Homemade Tortilla Recipe to Mom's Mexican Recipes Home Page Tortillas and Breads Recipes Mexican Tortillas and and are served for the Mexican equivalent of brunch.

It's much easier to use a tortilla press collection of trusted corn tortilla dessert recipes to have some nice and tasty Mexican food, you have come to the right place. My lovely and talented friend Kelly is celebrating that she has become a contributor for Blissfully Domestic (we all know she has the stuff) and that her blog has had 100,000 visitors. Just a quick note, don’t discard the edges you cut from the tortillas, save them for something else.
I love them… they look perfect for a party ?? I don’t think you are gonna get any yelling from Gordon! Too bad I don’t think we live anywhere near each other or we could go out for coffee and talk about blogging! At this point you could use your rolling pin over the plastic sheet just to even out the edges. These enchiladas make for an easy and quick weeknight meal, and are perfect served with a cold glass of iced tea or your favorite margarita. I just got back from a business trip to Guadalajara and it’s given me the craving for Mexican food.
If you have Kitchen Tip to share please leave the link in the comments and I’ll add it to the post. Carefully peel out from the plastic and roast about a minute on each side, should puff up a little. Mexican Food Home Mexican Food Recipes We Love Mexican Food Chicken recipe with corn tortillas, cheese, chiles and onion and cream of mushroom soup.

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