BUT you can store them in such way that they will become part of your kitchen or dining room decor.  And this is what I want to share with you! A shabby chic dollhouse scale kitchen cabinet with a plate rack and cup hooks as well as a shelf.
This miniature cabinet designed for a dolls' house kitchen features an angled plate rack and hanging pegs for cups.
Beadboard back, cabinet case top and sides for a doll house scale kitchen plate rack cabinet. I also used small crown molding for upper trim for the stand alone cabinet, and as a stop for the back of the plate rack.
The holes for a dollhouse plate rack are drilled through a scrap of square stock at a spacing suited to the scale of the plates. The plate rack supports for the miniature plate rack are made from 20 gauge wire set into scraps of craft wood. The drilled section of square craft wood for the plate rail holder is split in half with a craft knife to produce two sets of wood with matched holes for the plate supports.
To make matched sets of drilled holes for the plate supports on the dollhouse plate rack, use a craft knife to carefully split your drilled square stock in half, leaving drilled holes on each side of the cut. A?20.000 bids10 watchingWooden plate rack which I think is beech or pine or a similar wood. A?80.00Buy it nowSolid pine plate rack, hand painted in French Chic Sugar Puff which is cream in colour, measurements are width - 94cm, height - 72cm and depth - 32cm.
A?85.00Buy it nowor Best OfferStickered with PAN AM this is from the aircraft in the 1970's.

The cabinet as shown is designed to fit between other upper cabinets for a modular dollhouse kitchen. I painted my beadboard backing on both sides before gluing it into the back of the cabinet carcass.
This method will make sure your holes line up so that your wire supports are evenly spaced. Please take a look at our beautiful spice rack which complements this kitchen plate rack beautifully. Made from solid pine, the unit has been finished in a dark oak wax to provide character to the wood and offer protection. When hit by a bullet, the plate target falls backward against the metal reset bar, giving a visual and auditory signal that it was hit. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow.
It can be built and used as a stand alone piece for displaying dollhouse china if you wish.Upper cabinets in modern kitchens are designed to be 1 foot (30cm) deep. If you wish to make a stand alone plate rack cabinet, you can curve the sides of the cabinet case to make the cabinet a bit more decorative. The miniature beadboard instructions are given separately, as you may choose to make a cabinet with a plain back or no back. The sides of my cabinet are straight sided so the plate rack cabinet can be fitted into a wall of other upper kitchen cabinets in a dollhouse kitchen.
Six metal plates are the traditional number of targets, to match the American western six-shooter pistol, but a rack can contain more targets if desired.

Weld one 10-inch rod to each plate target, attaching the rod centred on the outside edge of the 3-inch square that extends from the plate target. The rod will serve as part of a hinge, allowing the target to swing up and down when it is hit and then reset.
Try to get the plate target to lean slightly forward and rest on the top edge of the flat iron when the ?-inch bar is placed into the pipe. Weld the second pipe section in place on the angle iron, allowing enough room for the target to swing freely.
This bar will be used to raise the metal plate targets when they are knocked down by the shooter. This section of pipe is between the backside of the front face and the pipe section holding the end plate target.
Place the 3-inch section into one of the pipe sections just welded onto the back side of the angle iron.
The rod should move like a hinge behind the plate targets so that when each target is knocked down, it falls against the 6-foot, rod section.
Attach a rope to one side of the rod section, allowing the shooter to pull the targets back up into place after they have been shot down. Do not use jacketed or magnum rounds when shooting metal plates as they may ricochet and cause serious injury to the shooter.

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