Various hardware hacking ideas, generally related to microcontrollers (or other interesting electronic bits) and occasionally how one might use them in physics labs. These colors are hard-coded into the program, which was downloaded onto the microprocessor before soldering the microprocessor into the board.
Before gluing the pieces together, I sandblasted them ---both sides--- to make them better diffusers. The top piece wraps around three sides of the block, and the bottom folds over the top and fourth side.
To make the "stone" parts of the lamp light-proof I used 3M spray adhesive ("Super 77") to glue a print of this pattern onto a smooth piece of aluminum foil.
The final assembly step was to provide a power source (salvaged 5V phone charger) and solder the power cord and buttons.
It works great, the boys think they are cool, and it's on to the next project: writing a final exam for my electronics course! Hera can summon as many fire breathing cows she wants, but SCREW HERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually, get a good strong plexiglass, build a wood frame around the light rug, then top it with the plexiglass.
Would love to make one of these rugs, but can you please tell me why you can’t find directions any where to make this adorable rug, I have given up looking. A breakthrough for the musician arrived in 1982, courtesy of the substance abuse problems plaguing Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley. After his tenure in Kiss, Vincent put together Vinnie Vincent Invasion -- a pop metal combo featuring future Slaughter personnel Mark Slaughter and Dana Strum.
The ATtiny84 has much more memory than necessary for this purpose, but I needed three separate PWM outputs to do the color mixing (so the ATtiny45 was out) and I didn't have any ATtiny44's handy.

Plastic model glue would have worked nearly as well, but I work in a building with chemistry labs and fume hoods and solvent-welding acrylic works REALLY well. I created a single 3x3" side using a vector graphics program, then put five sides together so I could wrap them around the cube. Next, I carefully cut the pattern out using a sharp new X-Acto blade and a metal straightedge.
I sprayed the aluminum side with adhesive once more, and wrapped the label around the block. Just crochet around a light string just like we used to crochet around a wire hangar when we were kids. During his teens Cusano kept active in a variety of local bands, and after graduating from high school took up a position as a guitar teacher at a music shop. While working the previous year in the heavy metal band Warrior, an association had been established with Kiss founder Gene Simmons; fed up with Frehley's erratic behavior, Simmons now turned to Cusano to take up the slack both as a songwriter and a guitarist for the 1982 Kiss release Creatures of the Night. Two albums were released under the Chrysalis imprint, Vinnie Vincent Invasion (1986) and All Systems Go (1988), before Slaughter moved on to his more successful self-named band. This common-anode RGB LED provides a nice bright color-space, and the diffused package mixes the light well. Once Frehley had bowed out for good, Cusano was the obvious choice for a replacement: adopting the name Vinnie Vincent, and painting himself up with a silver and black ankh designed by Paul Stanley, he took up guitar duties full-time for the Creatures of the Night associated world tour.
Vincent then attempted a solo career (which never quite materialized) and continued with his songwriting work, collaborating with The Bangles (of all people) on the track Make A Play For Her Now (found on their 1988 release Everything). I first wrote a quick Arduino program to read three potentiometers and adjust the red, green, and blue levels according to those pots.
I also drilled three holes near the bottom of one side of the block; holes that would later accommodate the buttons and power cord.

The circuitboard fit (with a small amount of sanding) into the recess on the bottom of the cube: I glued it into place with RTV and added four stick-on rubber feet. He remained on board for 1983's Lick It Up and the band's first "make-up-less" tour, but during the preliminary stages of the next effort Animalize (1984) financial disagreements between Vincent and the other members resulted in a parting of ways. Songwriting work with Kiss was resumed in 1992 for the album Revenge, but any goodwill that lingered between him and his former bandmates was wholly smothered a few years later when he served a seven-figure suit against them for neglect of royalty payments. My son and my nephew both had birthdays this month; although they're past the age of needing nightlights they're both minecraft nuts so I decided to make these for them.
The program would then send the actual RGB values back to the computer via the serial line. The following year he landed the role of lead guitarist in Treasure, a project founded by former vocalist for The Young Rascals Felix Cavaliere, but the band dissolved soon after the release of their eponymous album on the Columbia label. In the 00s Vincent kept a low profile, making occasional guest appearances on the Kiss convention circuit. This allowed me to experiment with different light mixes in an effort to find the best RGB combination for each color. Throughout the remainder of the decade Vinnie maintained a living through sessions for performers like Laura Nyro and Dan Hartman, as well as a stint as staff songwriter for the televison series Happy Days.
I could tweak each knob, see the results immediately, and when I found a combination I liked I could check the serial line to see what it was.

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