If your balloon goes flat or pops, it doesn't matter; so long as the first layer of paper mache is able to keep the shape, you can simply add other layers on top. Kids love to play dress-up, and among the most popular costumes is that of a Roman soldier.
Sep 8 Posted by rebecca 11 Comments September 8, 2009 Posted by rebecca 11 Comments You may have already read my post on making a dashing doll dress out of a frazzled old sock. My daughter and I spend one Saturday morning cutting up little chairs, beds, and even whole rooms out of the catalogue, then pasting them inside the box.
So if you want a little project that requires no new materials and almost no crafty skills at all, give this a try! Bless that husband’s heart for planning ahead with me, while enjoying a few projects with the kids.
Next, check out in your garage (or storage space) for some sturdy cardboard.  Try and find some without folds or creases.
Then trace 3 of the full size guitar shape right onto the cardboard.  Then cut off the top part of the guitar, right along the dotted line, and trace 2 of the shortened guitar piece (without the center hole) onto the cardboard as well. Then use your finger to push a dent down along that line, to create a little divot for the pencil bridge to lay. Then hot glue the bigger pencil piece right down into the dented crease, securing the bottom bridge in place.

Now, use your utility knife to cut out little dents in the pencil, to help keep each of the guitar strings in place.
Then, tie one end of each of the rubber bands along the long edge of a sturdy 1 inch (or similar) paper clip. This is also a great exercise for summer holidays as it teaches your child about Roman history while creating a costume that will keep him entertained for hours. My creative endeavors did not stop there: I went on to make a doll house out of a cardboard box and an Ikea catalogue. We even found an outdoor scene to glue onto the outside of the box so that the dolls would be able to entertain outdoors. I took the top-down approach (no ceiling, one-story house) and used a box that was about 6 inches tall and maybe 24 inches by 14 inches? I hope I do creative stuff like this with my kids someday instead of plopping them in front of the TV. I am plowing throguh finals right now and have three beautiful kids who are dealing with mommy cramming and staring at the computer for hours… this is a great idea using what I have on hand to add some sparkle to their days. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
You will have to squeeze the balloon in, but that will help to give it a more circular shape.

Audrey actually does play with the box, too, setting her little dolls inside and creating stories for them.
I used an old scrap of towel to carpet the two bedrooms and made room dividers out of cardboard which I glued into place. I would like five people to make this design and give me feedback on prefecting the instructions.
The helmet is made from cardboard and paper mache, and will take a couple of days to make, so plan ahead. Dip the strips into the flour mixture, allow the excess to drip off and lay them onto the helmet. A sponge cut lengthwise with one part glued perpendicular to the other became the living room sofa.

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