The traditional wood fencing of the past remains a popular choice with consumers today, thanks in part to modern technology and the wide range of options available. Wood fencing comes in a variety of forms and finishes that make it an ideal choice for homeowners and businesses alike. Whether created from pressure treated pine or a type of cedar, the natural beauty of a wood fence remains desirable in residential, commercial and agricultural applications. For a post and rail fence, wood continues to be the most practical and economical solution. Whitewoods are common through-out the United States and Canada; the species of wood classified as whitewoods are pine, spruce and fir. While consumers have a variety of types of wood to choose between eighty percent of fences are made of Western red cedar or pressure treated pine.
Western red cedar remains one of the most popular species of wood used in fencing because of its natural beauty and longevity.
Cedar fences should have at least a 2" clearance from the ground to avoid the possibility of rot.
All types of wood used for fencing can be treated with a water-repellent solution to help resist warping. First, before you do any digging, you need to call OKIE at 1-800-522-OKIE or a national dig line to check where the underground utilities are. We are an Oklahoma City Fence Company serving the cities and communities of Edmond OK, Oklahoma City OK, OKC, Moore OK, Norman OK, Yukon OK, Del City OK, Midwest City OK, Mustang OK, Newcastle OK, Bethany OK, Choctaw OK, Warr Acres, Nichols Hills, The Village, Piedmont, and more in Oklahoma. People build fences everyday and most are built correctly but most could also be built a little better. Building a wood fence is the measure taken to ensure the privacy as well as the security of one's estate. Wood fences rot at ground level all posts should be bitumastic painted below ground level leaving atleast one inch of mastic above the ground level this We're finalizing our Fence Post Installation for Building a Wooden Fence.
Building a wood fence is relatively simple as long as you make a plan beforehand and follow it.
Do you need a wooden privacy fence to keep large dogs in or protect your family fun from the eyes of nosy neighbors? A picket fence not only protects your yard from people walking on it and animals from entering, it gives your property a finished, attractive look. New developments help decrease problems such as warping and rotting wood, making the many styles of wood fencing practical and attractive. The three main benefits of using wood fencing are its aesthetic value, its privacy and its longevity. By following correct installation and treatment procedures, these fences will last for many years. This style works in any application, and has many options available to customize its appearance.

Both homeowners and businesses appreciate the seclusion and protection that a privacy fence provides.
Wood is not only an environmentally sound choice; it is also cost-effective to cover large areas of land using a wood post and rail fence. Through correct design and installation, a wood fence will serve its purpose for many years to come. By undergoing the pressure-treatment process, pine increases its resistance to decay and insects. While this type of wood costs a bit more than Southern yellow pine, it naturally resists warping and rotting in most situations. Also, cedar posts should not be set in concrete; the post should be inserted directly into the ground.
Since the posts are inserted into the ground, they become more susceptible to rot than the rest of the fence.
Although you could build a wood fence any height you like, we limit it to standard heights here.
By applying the little known tips below you can Do you know how to build a wooden fence gate? We hope these instructions are going to help our do it yourself Oklahoma City residential Need a New Fence? Once you get the posts in the ground, the possible designs are endless Building a Wood Fence? Whether you need to build a wooden fence to keep your dogs in your yard, critters out of the yard or simply for privacy Free Privacy Fence Designs with over 20 free designs plans including a Lattice Top Privacy Fence Design, a 6 ft Privacy Fence Plan, many Wood Fencing Designs, How Before you decide on building a fence, do you know what kind of wood is best for the job?
Whether you're clueless about where to Building a wood fence is a labor-intensive project, but it is surprisingly quite manageable and doable by the average homeowner.
Hardware and home Build a Privacy Fence Tips for planning, designing and constructing a wood privacy fence. Since wood is such an adaptive material, it is very versatile and can be used in a variety of functions. While each species originates in a certain region of the country, most can be purchased throughout the United States. Western red cedar is common in the west; northern white cedar ranges along the upper border of the United States. While most choose to leave their fences a natural color, there are many shades of stain and paint to choose from. For those who are looking for some guidance of how to build a wooden fence better to stick with me here in order to find out more about it. Shave the few inches off each picket, if you choose to Kevin Geist lives in Dauphin, Pennsylvania.
We got great materials here in Oklahoma City and easy steps How to Install Privacy Fence to get you started.

I’m a city boy that recently moved out to the country because of my wife’s interested in horses.
Prestain the wood for durability and a clean look Make no mistake about it: Staining your fence will take nearly as long as assembling the panels! Consult with ASTM standards to find the proper degree of treatment for pressure-treated wood. Homeowners and businesses can plan the color of their fence to coordinate with its surroundings. This time, we are going to give you some direction of building the wooden fence for your crib.
Free fence and gate projects Below is a list of various types of free fence and gate projects all of which can be found in the Buildeazy website. You'll find Do you need to fence in your yard but are unsure of exactly how to go about it?
You'll be quickly Installing a Building a wood fence is a rewarding experience that really pays off. Pressure-treated Southern yellow pine usually comes with at least a 10-year warranty; some companies offer a lifetime warranty on this type of wood. It will Fence Designs Fence Plans – How to Build Wood Fences Building a wood fence can be a fun and rewarding project. Pre Find wood fence designs, learn how to build or repair a wood fence and the basics of protecting your fencing investment with FenceKeeper.
Southern yellow pine prevails in the midwest and southeast; this strong, durable wood is also economical. Shovel will be used by the time you have reached a 10-inch-diameter hole and for 32 inches, you should use post digger.
Many companies offer an extended warranty on their pressure-treated posts to guarantee their quality. You almost there since you just need to tack string 5 inches more from the ground to the side face of the post. This is the right moment to draw the string and wrap it around the stake in order to help you make the mark off the first face of the fence. You could get the right length by calculating the first post and the fence panel.You have to move into the next step by digging a second post-hole and use wood wedges when it comes to the time for you to prop the fence panel.

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