Build a three story dream dollhouse perfect for 12" dolls with these free easy step by step do it yourself dollhouse plans! One sheet of PureBond plywood in Birch (yes, this dollhouse is made of formaldehyde free soy adhesive plywood!), seven pine 2x2s and some boiled linseed oil (can you believe this dollhouse is finished with oil extracted from flax seeds?), some scrapbooking paper and a quart of pink paint for accessories, and we've got an eco-friendly dollhouse that will outlast childhood. For the wallpaper, I simply decoupaged scrappbooking paper to each "room."  Quick and easy. For the stairs, I simply cut 19 1x2s to the width of the stairs, and glued and nailed them on top of each other. Just make sure you select "Dream Dollhouse" on the Collection dropdown so your plan will show up on the Dollhouse page. It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion.
JUST a few hours ago I was scouring the web and your blog for an easy DIY dollhouse for my daughter.
Decoupage is when the paper is glued to the surface of the wood and then completely coated with a top coat of a clear glue which dries to a protective coating. Also, the stairs are *ingenious*, but thinking of cutting and nailing and gluing so many tiny pieces is kinda doing my head in a little. Opening dollhouse windows you can make for model buildings or dollhosues including shop windows, opening casement and other styles. Many people long to learn how make a dollhouse just as their artisan craftsman ancestors did. Mar 17, 2011 · Learn how to make miniature dollhouse furniture, mini paper accessories and get techniques, tips monthly tutorials. I'm not a Facebook person, so instead here's a link to some kittens singing Beyonce in Northern accents.
Eva asked for a "rabbit house" (dollhouse) for her third birthday, so we downed tools on the never-ending lead paint removal stair renovation project, and set to with the jigsaw and a huge piece of MDF that - you'll never guess - we found in the cellar. We used screws to hold the walls, floors and roof together, and panel pins to nail in the back piece.

Here's how it looked before we started painting ("are you building a multi-storey car park?", asked a humorous friend). First of all we primed the whole thing and then gave it a couple of coats of white woodwork paint. The deep pink paint and pale blue are from Eva's room, the two turquoises are from Natalia's room, the yellow is the paint I used on the stool in the spare bedroom, and I made the pale pink and yellow paints by mixing a couple of spoonfuls of white in with the darker pink and yellow.
These metal chairs and grandfather clock were also mine when I was a kid - they usually live on the top floor because otherwise Natalia will more than likely grab them and whack them against something (in addition to being a climber, she's also a basher). References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article. Mmm that's the grand plan - need to get the kids in school first though so I have more time! Thats brilliant, I too have a full house renovation that I need to complete for a special little girls birthday this dec.unlike yours, mines a second hand house with no roof, so im kinda cheating. Antonia - your childhood dollhouse sounds ace, and how lovely that your Dad made it for you.Louise - the Sylvanians are a big hit, for sure.
I have to say I think it's easier once the walls are nailed together, but before you assemble the floors.
I was going to do a dollhouse for my small human's third birthday, but ran out of time and just sewed a quick (robot!) cape instead. I'm an English girl married to an Portuguese boy, and when I'm not working or taking care of our two adorable daughters, I blog about our house renovation, DIY projects, delicious recipes, inspirational interiors, and family life in a Victorian Manchester nest. We sited the whole thing on a heavy piece of old tabletop which gave it a nice strong base - all the other pieces were cut from 13mm MDF, with a 3mm piece of MDF nailed across the back. This is because we only planned to have two storeys and an attic - but when we cut the side pieces, we cut them with extra length just for a bit of flexibility, and decided at the last minute that we had just enough room to add an extra floor.
We also used our Makita sander to mitre the top of the walls where they met the roof, and where the two pieces of roof connect together.
I put the thin backboard (we used two pieces, with the joint hidden behind one of the floor pieces) up against the dollhouse, drew round the outline of each room in pencil, and then painted each one.

The deep brown roof is the paint from our garden picnic table, and the bricks are the paint that we used to makeover our old garden shed! So the dollhouse has got a nice eclectic vibe going on, as of course all good houses should. No, seriously, I love it - really, there's nothing quite like tucking tiny felt rabbit figurines into tiny beds to relax you after a hard day's labour.
After I decorated one side of the walls, I realized that I would eventually have to nail through the paper and leave a mark! My daughter already has a KidKraft doll house, but I love that this has three floors and is double sided - even if it is huge!
We also needed it to be sturdy enough to bear the weight of an enthusiastic climbing 13 month old, should it happen to take her fancy to do so. The 22cm rooms are probably a slightly better height for a 3 year old to access easily, so if you plan on using these dimensions then you should cut your side pieces to (22cm x 3) + (the width of your wood x 3).
You could probably get all fancy with a protractor and some calculations, but we just did it by eye until it looked right.
We can still open our normal windows but I'm not sure it would work on sash windows unless you fitted extra wooden strips close to the glass to fit it on. I'm planning on making this for my daughter for Christmas and I'll be able to completely customize every last decoration thanks to you. So I would suggest building the walls, and then decorating, and then assembling the floors.

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