With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Build an aquarium coffee table for a fraction of the cost of ready-made models, from supplies found mostly at your local superstore. Either size of wire shelving unit includes 4 posts which usually split in half for smaller packaging.
Consider cable routing before securing the zip-ties in place; for example, where is the best place for the power cable to stick out. At this point, put the aquarium in and verify that the heights and clearances are to your liking. Cut the foam board into appropriately sized strips to wedge them vertically under the bottom shelf in order to conceal the components and the extra light.You're done! How is that stocking list working, it seems to me that the tiger barbs would kill everything else, I know they have in the tank I keep mine in. Get ahold of some clay, put ribs in it, angle them towards the middle, get a small water pump.. I liked your idea about filling the tank with corn syrup and having a slow motion bubble tank. Every aquarium needs a stand and sometimes it's difficult or expensive to find a stand that suits you. The key to glass aquariums is to have even, flat support on all of the edges, usually where the trim is on the tank.
This stand can be done for less than $50, but if you take your time and make it something to be proud of, you will need to invest a little bit more in plywood and stain, but it will be of higher quality and still less expensive than a store-bought stand! Be the first to know out about our upcoming Events, Workshops, New Products and Product Demos, Special Promotions, Contests and Sweepstakes.
Q:Hello,I am building a closet hutch with drawers (my first project with multiple drawers) and I am wondering how long to make the drawers (front to back). Q: I have leftover slab of plastic composite material that was used to install countertops in my kitchen.
Q:I have a few questions to ask here about a project that I will be starting in the next few months.
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Its a bit simplified where i just bought a 1 tier chrome shelving unit and simple turned it upside down. With acrylic aquariums, full flat support is needed across the entire surface area of the bottom face of the tank. These plans will work for an aquarium with the same footprint as a 75g aquarium without any additional plywood.
The glue is what gives the structure long-term connection, the screws are to hold the wood in place while the glue dries. These strips are used to screw the purple supports into so that you don't need to fuss with pocket holes.
I use two legs in each corner for stability. All that is left with the skeleton is to secure the top box to the tops of the legs the same way the legs attached to the bottom box.
This will keep your electrical from getting tangled and it will also create a natural drip-loop for you.
We encourage you to share using the buttons above and start the conversation with your friends. When reassembling, I had a huge struggle to get the screw in the right hole and now the guard does not have enough spring tension to work properly. I did a lot of woodworking while in school and continued for a little after but have not done much of that in the last 10 years and this is going to be the biggest project I have ever done. Attempt some different types of joinery and fimd out how easy or difficult different woods are to work with. This is because acrylic will bow under the weight of the water if it is not supported across the entire area. If you want to put a plywood top face on the stand, you will need to take into account the thickness of the plywood when you are determining the height of the stand.
With this particular stand design, the weight of the tank transfers directly down the supporting legs and onto the base so that there is no sheering tension on any joints. These do not need to be glued and can be removed after the structure is complete, but I just leave mine on. Here, I will walk you through how I build stands that will hold up to a standard 90 gallon aquarium.
I also pre-drill and counter-sink all of my screw holes and go back later to fill them with wood filler. You can start by tracing the outline of the shape you want, then drill a hole in an edge of the crescent large enough to insert your saw blade.
I’ve been adding projects to my to do list…and I hope I get to live long enough to make all of them!

If they are rolled or have a profile of some sort you will need to sand carefully so as not to distort the profile, but if you get through the existing finish it should take stain, although it will absorb the stain at a different rate from the top.Another option is to rip the edges of the table to give yourself a flat surface and then glue on solid edging.
The trick is then to hold that tension while getting the guard back in it's place.Basically it means you have to tension the spring before putting the guard back in place.
The difficulty will be matching the wood with the rest of the table top, however, since it is the edge, it will make a nice frame even if it isn't perfect.Another option is to look around and see if you can find flexible veneer that you could use to cover the existing edge.
It's hard to tell from you photo, but it looks like you may be able to do the same thing with yours. You can find gouges of different sizes and styles that should do the trick for you.You might also be able to use a dremel-type tool. It is possible to get iron on veneer that might work as long as the edge profile isn't complicated.Good luck. If you had a hard time getting the guard back in place you may need an extra hand or two to get it in place while under tension.
That way the case is more likely to go flush against the wall.I'm not sure which dimension you mean when you ask about the space between the drawers.
If all of the above are okay, than it may be that you are spraying too close to the surface, or your pressure is too high. If that's the case some of the lacquer may be a€?splashinga€? back making for an uneven surface.If you are spraying outside or near a fan you can get an uneven application because air flow can push some spray off course or actually dry the lacquer before it hits the surface.
If the air flow is uneven it can cause an uneven application.Try lowering your air pressure a bit and make sure you are working in an environment where the air flow is consistent. My first comment is that if you haven't done any woodworking for a while you should consider doing a couple small "practice" projects before jumping into a complicated hutch (mistakes are less costly).That said, oak would be a good choice for wood, it's solid and not too expensive. However, you could also think about using oak or birch plywood (cabinet grade) for the case, especially if you are going to paint it.For the joinery stay away from butt joints. You can read more about that here.)If your drawers end up slightly undersize (width) and you have side mount slides, it is possible to shim the slides when you put them in place. You will need several different types of joinery, depending on the way the case is designed. It is also possible to plane off a bit of material from the side if you make the drawers too tight.
Pocket screws make face frames easy, miters are okay for doors, or you could make them with mortise and tenon for greater strength.

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