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Hi,Don't know much about this, but I wonder if it would work better if the thing that encloses the drum were built as a cylinder that is concentric with the drum. Farmer;You are so very correct about placing a stove in a convenient location so it gets proper care and feeding.
You might want to check out this website to get some ideas on how other people have done it.
I built a house and put the stove downstairs with the chimney coming up through one end of the kitchen and next to the entrance door. Yes, I had thought of the flexible copper tubing on the OUTSIDE and thermosyphoning to a storage tank mounted higher than the stove.
I looked at the kits for 55 gallon drums had a Friend years ago make one out of a 275 gallon oil tank.
It really doesn`t need to be fancy just a door to put the wood in and ashes out and a connection for the smoke pipe which would have the damper in This is going in the heated part of the garage and I hope to heat or supplement the living area as well.
It is a lot simpler then it sounds it only took a day to make and I have less than 100 into it (got the barrels for free) 3 years later it still works great and since it sits outside you dont lose any shop space. Wyoming9, is this going in the house or in the garage and will it be pedestal mounted or ??? It will be going in the garage taking the place of a little stove that works fine but is not big enough to put out serious heat I want.
It is standing 20" off the floor to keep it above the fire code height for any flame heat in a garage.

I do like the idea of the remote wood burner but then I would need to switch to a hot water system. Thanks E for the picture I like the basic idea just need to expand on it a bit.I don`t guess you have much hardwood in that area.
While I like the basic idea of the barrel stove I think they are way to thin to last very long.
Just to small for my liking it works quite well when I had it up in the trailer it would run us out. And have at least 2 relief valves for pressure.I will have to monitor how hot the tank gets to get some idea of how close to put the copper coils.
I have a 24x24 with 11 foot ceilings and it gets up to 65-70 degrees in there in the middle of winter. Napoleon 1900, Napoleon 1450, Napoleon 1150P, Napoleon 1900P are just some of the Napoleon wood burning stoves we offer.
IF I wanted to heat as you do, I would probably get a ~'35 gallon' drum and put it inside a '55 gallon'drum. I ran the water heater to heat the pex tubes in the slab downstairs for about an hour this morning. Chippewa Falls Wi.(Just Google )Just a woodstove in your basement without duct work will make your house feel much better and in most cases is all you will need for heat but for the worst days of winters cold. With the coil type door handle and the chimney pipe going into an existing chimney it looked like a pig with it's head in a trough. Shop here for Napoleon wood stoves where you will always get the lowest price and best customer service.Napoleon Cast Iron stoves are clean burning and safe to heat your entire home. The only big difference is that the top story was 2.5 ft wider than the bottom floor on each side and 8 ft longer in the front.
We made a daylight basement which is great for wood heat and canning of your garden produce. Lots of luck we all need help with heating bills this winter.by the way the House today is solving all our energy problems and our current president said today he will veto any bill the get to him. It was our primary heat source for at least twelve years before we moved and didn't take it with us. It was two story and an approximate 10" round duct ran from the peak of the second floor to below the slab.

We used an Earth Stove with a thermosat and we only needed to load it twice a day when it was real cold.
For the door I just bought one of the Vogelzang barrel kits which had the door some legs and a damper. When the temperature got above a set number, a small fan forced the hot air below the slab and into the two lower bedrooms. There was no major duck work but I made several small vents in different locations that provided circulation of the warm air no problem.
Upon reading some about wood stoves, I realized that the stove needs to be part of the family. I made this for myself so there is a lot of things done for myself that are not normally done to houses. My main air return was the stairs, but in each back room there was a floor vent to the basement. Put a wood stove in your basement, and you will surely be running up and down stairs all winter long to keep the thing running optimally. You have to tweak it, feed it, remove ashes, etc.We decided to put our stove in our living area upstairs where we can enjoy the heat and monitor it.
I did not do this to start with but I made the house too air tight and this solved the problem. Most of the design for the heating was tested at the volunteer fire department which I was part of for 6 years. You may not need a fan all of the time so a bypass ductwork or a slide out for the fan this would eliminate restriction in the naturel flow of air thru the duck work.
You might need to put some more duck work in for the volume of heated air you want to different rooms.

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