Here's a bunny hutch that will provide your rabbit with a nice house, while giving you the satisfaction of building it yourself. Some examples of outdoor rabbit hutch available in the market: PopShops™ affiliate storessee more Rabbit Hutches >>>Do you have an Outdoor Hutch for your rabbit?
If you have been shopping for a rabbit hutch either online or in stores, you will agree that the prices are really outrageous for what you get.
If you are going to raise rabbits, remember that they multiply very quickly and they also grow very fast. So rather than buying an expensive small rabbit hutch, getting some good plans to make a good size rabbit hutch with a run is a much better option for you and your rabbits.
Remember that if your rabbits are going to spend their entire life in a hutch, it is worth it to give them as much space as possible. Plans to build an outdoor rabbit hutch can allow you to make a great one at less than one third of the price you would pay retail but also to make it much better. Plans will help you build a good solid hutch and provide you with a list of the material needed and several different hutches designs. Rabbit hutch building plans, blueprints & designs, When searching for rabbit hutch building plans there are some important factors to consider that will impact how time intensive your new woodworking project will be….
How build rabbit condo indoor rabbit hutch plans, Build rabbit condo - indoor rabbit hutch plans video. With our step-by-step directions and many photographs clearly illustrating each next step, you can confidently build your own rabbit cage, and hutches, runs and pens! The experienced rabbit-raisers at Aurora Rex Rabbit Ranch have built and used ALL the plans. We wanted to make your job easier - easier to build, easier to clean the rabbit living spaces, and easier to enjoy your pet rabbit. We wanted to give you options, so you could give your pet rabbit options - not just cages, but runs and pens as well. Sixty-Nine pages and Thirteen chapters of rabbit-pleasing plans, all for the ultra-low price of $7.49.
Note that the e-booka€™s file size is very large because of the many pictures, diagrams and photos showing you exactly what to do.
We intend to always OVER-deliver on value, which is why Pet Rabbit Living Spaces is fully covered by our Double-Value Guarantee. With some intermediate woodworking skills, you can build this hutch using materials you can buy at your local home improvement store. I'll take you through each step, with full color photos and easy to understand instructions. A roof is a must and very important to protect the rabbit from the rain and direct sunshine, unless you place it under house roof such as on the porch.
First you can get great ideas on how to make a great hutch so your rabbits have enough living space and a run to exercise. The most common mistake people do with rabbit hutches is that they go out and by a small rabbit house. If you don't plan on raising rabbits and you only have one or two of them,fine, they will only be happy to get more space. Your hutch should be above the ground with a compartment inside for the rabbits to go get warm in cold temperatures.
Use a hard plastic sheet instead just like an indoor rabbit cage and give them a litter box.It is also important for them to have an old blanket or some hay in their bedding area.
The hutch solidity is very important to protect your rabbits against predators such as racoons, dog,cats or foxes. There are different breeds of rabbits which have long and short hair; both are equally loved by the owners. The e-book will give you countless variations on sizes and more than several design options for keeping your pet both inside and outside of the home. Yeesh, at that price, the very first completed project will already save you a minimum of double the price of the book.
Solid walls or at least hutch cover is required to protect from the strong wind and in winter time. The idea is to build the hutch to last and to fit the needs of the rabbits so down the road you won't have to do it again.

Rabbits are territorial animals and they are going to fight is they don't have enough space.
Some dogs even dig under the wired fence to try to get them so you must put the fence around your rabbit run at least one foot under solid ground. Kids especially are usually fond of rabbits, they love it when they hop around in the garden and by the way they hold the carrots in their front paws and nibble on them. For example, think how nice it would be to have a PVC hutch frame indoors that is tall enough for you to interact face to face with your bunny! In the wild, rabbits live in a burrow; it is their hiding place and their place of comfort.
The roof, the walls and the floors should be tight enough to prevent the predators to get through into the hutch.
If you aren't completely satisfied that the e-book is worth at least double, or even triple or quadruple the price you paid, just drop us a note within 45 days, and we'll refund you the entire cost.
Ita€™s also important therea€™s a hiding place in part of the hutch for the rabbit to hide from something frightening him, to feel secure. In order to give that natural environment to the rabbits so that they can live a long life and breed successfully in captivity, it is very important to make a bunny hutch or a house.Rabbits are fond of eating vegetables and fruits. You have to keep a fresh stock of the vegetables and fruits, which should be fed on a daily basis.
An outdoor hutch in a rabbit garden, it has big playing area with bamboo fence surrounding it. When building a rabbit hutch you have to keep in mind a design which is easy to clean and feeding the rabbits is easier and they have a lot of space in the captivity. A home-sweet-home for an English Angora rabbit family.The ideal area to place the outdoor hutch is on dry location, quite situation, get morning sunshine and good airflow. You can easily build a rabbit cage in their house all by themselves rather than going to the market and making a customized indoor or outdoor rabbit hutch. Build your own rabbit hutch at home, it will be made at a cheap price and doing it can actually be a great activity, first of all you should have a blueprint for making the hutch to know how to build a rabbit hutch.
Here are 10 DIY rabbit hutch plans:1) Small Rabbit Hutch (can accommodate 3 to 6 small rabbits)Take four pieces of wood and all four should have equal sizes of 150cm.
Dry location will prevent the rabbit to easily get sick, besides it keeps the hutch cleaner.
Take long wood pallets and then cut it in one meter pieces which will be the structural solid of the long wood, you may need eight of these pieces.
Make other structural part like that for the top of the rabbit hutch, now nail vertical wood in the four corners of the cage and nail it together  with the top structure. Make a small door like structure from wood and attach it to the top so that the rabbits can come out. The other two should be cut in three inches short of four feet, which will allow you to nail them together in a 2 x 4 foot rectangular structure. Nail two of the frames together, which will have a wire bottom and an open top which will in a 2 x 2 x4 foot rectangular frame. With the help of door hinges, attach a frame to the bottom frame so that when the cage opens it will swing open downwards.
You need 24” x 96” of chicken wire, two door hinges, hook and eye latching devices for the security door, two sheets of plywood which should measure 24” x 72” x ?”, eight pieces of 2” x 4”s, 8’ in length, two 1” x 2” boards which should be 6’ long and some staples.
By using 2” x 4” construct the board and cut boards in 48” long pieces and 8 boards to 24” long which should be nailed together with 48” in the L shape. Now enter the shorter plywood boards in the cage to make a box like structure which will provide warmth, shelter and dry area to the rabbits. The front should be 44” x 38” in which the 34.5” should be for the door secured by hinges and mesh wire.
The frame is made with a 2 x 4 wooden material and is nailed with mesh wire according to the size of the bottom frame. This is a diy hutch which can have 4 stalls in it, meaning a couple of rabbit in each hutch which will make around a home for 8 rabbit and a lot of little bunnies in the future.
Once done, you are supposed to attach 2 x 4 cross pieces in the front and then make a door which will be 2 x 2, the 2 x 2 doors should be nailed with the 2 x 4 panels and then the 3 inch hinges should be fixed in the one side and then the bolt on the other in order to open the easily. There is a support on the ground, or you can call it a stand which raises the pen 2 ? ft of the ground.

You can cover half the area with the mesh wire and the other half with the plywood so that the rabbits can select the place where they would like to sit. In the enclosure, especially in the bottom area, you can add 1 ? inch spaces which can slide metallic tray inside. This option is highly recommended since the rabbits will be doing all their excrete on the tray, the excrete will fall on the tray through the mesh wire which means easy cleaning for you. The size of the top and bottom frames should be decided upon the number of rabbits the hutch will accommodate. The bottom should be a frame secured with mesh wire so that it doesn’t litters much, however the top should be completely wooden to avoid sunlight, wind and rainfall.
You can either make all the walls with complete wooden and just the front can be made with mesh wire in order to keep an eye.
On the front wall, a wooden frame should be fixed with the help of a couple door hinges and a lock. You will need three pieces of 2 x 2 lumber with 21” long and one piece 20 ?” which will be the frame. Twelve pieces of 1 x lumber which will be 24 ?” long, 6 pieces of 13 ?” and 6 pieces of 48” which will be the slats. One piece of ?” plywood which will be 27 ?” x 52 ?” long and asphalt shingles for the roofing.
Make a frame by the 2 x 2 lumber and attach the plywood for the flooring, the fixture should be done with the nails.
Install the interior wall in the frame, and then attach the slats in the outdoor rabbit hutch. The flooring and the top of the hutch should be of the equal sides and also the two sides, you have to make a rectangular shape. I started my work at the beginning of 2007 by engaging myself with detail reading and exchanging information with others.
Since then things and times have changed, but one thing remains the same and that is my passion for helping and educating people, building a successful blog and delivering quality content to the readers. I have wanted to raise rabbits for many years but when I was working I did not really have the time and energy. With rabbits I’m hoping to lower my food bill, fertilize my garden, and maybe make a little money selling them. I am not counting on making money but it will be nice if that happens.I had the opportunity to raise rabbits when I was a kid. So keeping them in the air in little tiny cages is not cool they need at least 4x their body hop to move around and be happy in. Treat your rabbits right folks!Some really great designs in here and some really iffy ones as well.
It’s very cruel not to give a rabbit or rabbits enough room to run and do their binky jumps every morning.
Every morning when It’s the one bunnies turn to come out, he hops in the air and runs back and forth for at least 20 minutes.
They should also be able to stretch upwards.Please do not just leave your rabbit in their hutch.
People think their stupid, because they lock them in a tiny pen their entire life and never get to know them. She thumps to warmenof danger, because she sees my little Pomeranian as danger and she is protecting me. Is like you living in your bedroom for your entire life and never moving or experiencing anything new or different. You’ll only feel, see and know the people and things you can see from a tiny, limited view area.

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