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We AKA my friend Emma and I Decided were given the task of creating outdoor furniture from a total of 4 wooden pallets.
You mentioned using a jig saw in your text, but I didn't see one or read how you used it. Hubby made sure the pallets he took were still in fairly good shape, not too worn, with no obvious nails or staples sticking out. If you do decide to create a piece of pallet furniture, share it with us on our Facebook page so we can all ooh and ahh along with you.
Before the cool weather sets in, enjoy the bounty of your herb, flower and vegetable gardens by giving a Summer Harvest Tea Party.
The Glasoase glass patio room from Weinor is the latest and greatest in modern outdoor innovations. Packed with design ideas for your backyard and front yard, each issue features amazing gardens, beautiful plants, bold products, and insights from the world’s best designers.Subscribers get up to $20 off the cover price. Shop Patio Covers, Pergolas & ArborsFind a curated collection of unique shade covers, garden structures and arbors that will enhance any property.
Compare design details such as roof and column types, corner braces, architectural details and more. Pergolas and other shade structures are the perfect way of enjoying the outdoors even when the conditions outside are less than appealing. Gazebos are an eight-sided structure with a solid roof, most commonly used in traditional garden styles like English or French.
Screened porches are built directly onto your house, usually off the back door for easy access. In this section, you’ll find professional tips to help you decide which types of structure you want, get design inspiration, and learn what pitfalls to avoid in installing the different kinds of shade structures.
The difference between open and solid patio covers and how to decide which type is right for your needs. How to size a pergola so it's proportionate to the elements around it as well as the house. The options for wood pergolas, including the most popular wood types, using kits with the wood and hardware included, and custom-built wood patio covers.

The benefits of vinyl patio covers, including resistance to insect damage and weathering and easy maintenance. How to add shade to your backyard using fabric sails, which are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.
Reducing your electricity costs by installing solar panels on the roof of your patio cover to harvest the energy of the sun. How to make a covered patio more comfortable by installing ceiling fans, water misters and outdoor heaters. After some many days in the lab and couple brief starbucks runs we decided to do something out of the ordinary and create a pallet swing and designed from the ground up based on a picture we found online. I did not encourage her to buy it, not when her son (my awesome hubby) can build her one for free. Offering you the best of both worlds - the comfort of an enclosed sun-room when the weather doesn't cooperate, and the freedom of unfettered outdoor living when it does - this awesome patio room design features frameless glass walls that take you from inside out with a simple slide.
From shade-seeking covers to focal points, these structures will add to any garden setting.
In the heat of summer, you can relax and entertain outdoors without being overwhelmed by the beating sun. They can cover a pathway and define the walking space, or can cover a patio or entertaining space outdoors. This can be an advantage, because the patio cover can use the home for support and thus may cost less to build than a freestanding structure. Gazebos have gotten a bad name since so many of them have been built from cheap kits and placed poorly within the landscape, yet they can be an attractive addition if the style of the surrounding landscape works with the structure. Fabric is stretched across specially-engineered poles to accent and cover a seating area or patio.
Because a sunroom can be fully-insulated and built with dual-pane windows, it’s a four-season structure that acts as an addition to your home.
In the next couple of steps we show you a brief step by step run down of how to get to the finished item. To not lose the extra lengths, and have a much quicker breakdown, simply use a reciprocating saw (sawzall), with a metal blade and simply run down the gaps between the planks and the frame. We loved the idea of a garden work bench, since I didn’t really have a place outside to repot plants and such.

Don't make it a formal affair, but rather a way to celebrate everyone's gardens and share produce, flowers, seeds and advice. They should be harvested while still tender, when they have a "glossy" appearance and are still small. And regardless of what Mother Nature's got up her sleeve, you always have an unobstructed view of the great outdoors. Shade sails look great with the straight lines and simple geometry seen on contemporary homes, and do double duty as a decorative and artistic part of the landscape. Screened porches are great for dining, since you get the experience of being outdoors without having yellow jackets landing on your burger. They’re fully weatherproof, so you can watch birds and wildlife in comfort, even in winter.
You’ll join thousands of design-conscious readers to get gardening inspiration and innovative design solutions for enjoying outdoor spaces.
My hubby stopped by a mobile home manufacturer’s plant, which happens to be on his way home from work, and retrieved 3 or 4 pallets from their dumpster pile. Then he did a fair bit of sanding so I don’t get any slivers (a definite downside to pallet furniture if you are not careful.) It was a bit of a trial and error production, but he got it done in an afternoon so I call it a success! If your structure is built with a solid roof or even insulated sides, you can enjoy a peaceful winter morning sipping tea, untouched by rain or snow.
A sunroom is really only different from the rest of your house in that it has so many windows to enhance your experience of the outdoors.
You, too, can be the proud owner of some piece of pallet furniture to show off with a little time and very little money. The barely there glass panels will triple your outdoor living time, taking you from early spring to late fall in total comfort. Get creative and check out the Internet for unique ways other people have already put pallets to good use.
Then get busy and build yourself a pallet patio set or something equally fun and interesting!

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