It helps to center the workpiece in the chunk by giving a set distance from center that rolls along the outside of the workpiece. I've a three jaws chuck and it's not that difficult to center parts by eye but this tool make the things easier. Join 11,264 of us on the Homemade Tools forum, and get your free 50 Must Read Homemade Tools ebook. Homemade lathe centering tool that mounts to the tool post and aids in alignment of chuck-mounted work. No time to track it down meself, but the 'What have you made FOR your South Bend' is one probable.

The other is one of the six or so never-ending-battle threads over WHICH QCTP is 'best', and within the last 18 months if not 12 months. I think it's true that necessity is the mother of invention, so I would lean toward the necessity part of your comment. Push it gently against the loosely tightened piece while the lathe is running and it will align itself.
You could make a rough centering with this tool then center it more precisely with a dial indicator. Dunno if it is necessity, more spare-time, or just the sheer love of it, but SB'er's are a grand source of inspiration on clever and well-crafted DIY gadgetry.

The starter kit had 4 tool holders, but over the years I made about a dozen holders for it, in various configurations.

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