Item# WD1328This cute trick or treat Halloween ornament is complete with a black wire hanger and attached dangling fall pumpkin, ghost and bat. Note: By changing your country, the pricing will display in the currency of the chosen country.
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Item# WOD8088This lightweight American Flag Wood Cutout will inspire the beginning of many sweet decorative endeavors!
Item# WOD6172Let this Unfinished Wood Skull Cutout be your empty canvas of craft exploration! This Rustic Unfinished Wood Sled is the perfect miniature replica of the one you may have briskly ridden down the lofty hills of your parks and neighborhoods on those glorious slow-blanketed, chilly days.

We always seek to improve ourselves for the benefit of the customer and hope to provide the best shopping experience possible. Its waved look, old-fashioned navy, ivory, and burgundy, limited stars makes it perfect for most any patriotic or primitive craft! Dark grain lines cover their hollow, smooth, tear-shaped bodies, giving a natural change and mix of lighter and darker shades of brown.
Their shiny black, literally beady eyes are propped on top of their heads to help them be alert of those kitties! Integrate its finished product in fun, wintry snow scenes, or include in centerpieces along with shiny spherical ornaments, berries, tinsel, pine cones, and holly, and spruces, and bodacious ribbons. It can be made into a magnet or pin, or hung, taped, glued, or nailed, to be displayed onto refrigerators, walls, corkboards, and anywhere you wish!

Enjoy utilizing different strings, ribbons, and wires for hanging and attaching in the completion of your presentation vision!
Sweeten gift packaging, and bring fun dimension and flair to greeting cards, scrapbook pages, and other stationary!

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