Each of these elements is interchangeable, giving our plywood the ability to fit many applications. Plywood is extremely stable and is not subject to movements caused by temperature and humidity changes. Because plywood is usually sold in 4 ? 8 foot sheets, it is an excellent and affordable option for cabinets and wall panels where wide widths are needed. Like our hardwood lumber, we supply top quality hardwood plywood built on higher quality cores with thicker face veneers. Two Type of Marine Grade Plywood to Solve Many ProblemsOur customers build some truly beautiful things.

Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. This makes our plywood is an excellent solution for many of the issues faced by woodworkers and builders. This makes it perfect for applications where tolerances are tight, such as door panels trapped within rails and stiles. The most commonly requested face grain is plain sliced and rotary cut with the exception of our Sapele which is almost always quartered for the enhanced ribbon appearance. The number and thickness of the core plys will vary depending on if it is a domestic or imported project, but in most cases, the face grades will be better than what the HPVA grades dictates.

Not having to worry about a panel cupping and bowing or expanding and cracking a frame is a significant benefit. Quality: Two times process, No overlap and gap, good sanded both side, good moisture contain, jointed core by machine.

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