The size and beauty of this substantial tool make it one of the ultimate expressions of E.C. Remove the Y lever from the frog then strip the paint, give the Y lever and frog a light sand blast. Prepare the body and frog for painting with masking tape as you dont want to get paint on all the hard work you have done lapping the sole and sides. Cover the body and frog with masking tape ready for re-painting, covering all parts of the plane and frog that are not painted.
The paint I use is roundel blue BS110 stoving enamel.This is a low temperature stoving enamel paint. By getting all the small screws and frog plate re-nickled it will make your plane look very nice.
After many years of restoring Record hand planes I now have perfected the restoration, as you can see in the photo right.
The Record Drill chucks were first listed in a price list with Catalogue No 14 of 1935 and were listed as Temporarity withdrawen in price list April 1940.
Record Produced a number of plumber's tools, pipe cutters, Stillson wrenches and chain wrenches. First listed in price list from 1985 and last listed 1993 - this is going by my catalogues.
Record Planes are made in a comprehensive range of patterns and sizes suitable for all purposes. An outstanding feature in all Record Planes is the TUNGSTEN STEEL Cutting Iron, which is the outcome of extensive research and test which have been made with the object of producing a Steel which will retain its fine cutting-edge considerably longer than the Steel Cutters usually supplied in Planes. This new Cutting Iron is hardened and tempered under scientific control, which ensures accuracy and uniformity. The Handle and Knob are made of genuine Rosewood, which is carefully selected for its beautiful colour and grain.
The Body is finished cellulose blue, and the base and sides are machine-ground and polished.

The Body is made of high-grade Cast Iron of guaranteed strength, and is ribbed where necessary to ensure rigidity.
The illustration shows how the machined faces of the Frog bed firmly on to similar machined faces on the Body and are securely fastened in position by the two Frog Screws, which in effect makes the Frog solid with the Body and prevents chattering. The genuine Rosewood Handle and Knob are fastened to the Body by Steel Studs with Brass Cap Nuts.
The Cap Iron is, of course, adjustable on the Cutting Iron to give correct settings for fine or coarse cutting. The Cutting Edge of the Iron can be adjusted parallel to the base of the Body by the Lateral Adjusting Lever C. I would like to thank Mr John Bates from The TTTG Tool Group Sydney, Australia, for all his help in getting the thread size of all threads on a Record hand plane. Cutter (iron) sizes for all Record Bench Planes, Block Planes, Spoke-Shaves, Shoulder Rabbet Planes and Bull-Nose Planes. You must take your time with removing the grime as you don't want to remove any more than you need to and leave small pit-holes. I first use a paint stripper and then I do a light sand blast, again, you don't want to remove more than you need to. It is a whole lot better than when it was new because whatever plane you buy new you will have to fettle.
400A? I got from the UK, and when it arrived from the UK something pierced the box and broke off the top section of the right side. I have been told that Record at the end of a pour of cast iron, they would make some Gnomes to give out to Tool Shops as a door stop. There were 10 Mechanic's vices with fixed base, and 10 with swivel base, 7 Fitters vices with fixed base and 6 with swivel base, one Auto vice No.
Hampton (Record) purchased Woden Tools Ltd from The Steel Nut & Joseph Hampton Ltd in 1961 and continued to use the Woden Trade-Mark for another 10 years.
148 Dowelling Jig was first listed in a publicity leaflet in 1971 and listed as patent pending.

They embody many notable improvements and are produced throughout with the greatest care and accuracy, which constitute guarantee of unsurpassed quality. After about 10 to 14 strokes and rotating the plane you will see the high and low spots as the high spots are a lighter colour. I then tidied up the break and got it re-nickel plated and then I re-painted in red as it had been before. This pattern was introduced in Price List January 1934 until the new pattern was introduced about 1937 to 1938.
Keep lapping and rotating until you have consistent colour, checking the sole with a straight edge for flatness. After going to The Hand Tool Preservation Association of Australia they said I should speak to Mr Hans Brunner. 75, 6 Record Steel vices with fixed base and 6 with swivel base, 1 Steel Fitters vice, 10 Heavy-Duty Steel Vices, 6 Heavy Chipping Vices, 8 Combination Vices, 3 Heavy-Duty Iron Vices, 5 Machine Vices, one Steel Floor Vice and 13 Woodworking Vices.
The knobs are made from selected hardwood, the handle hollow hardwood to take 5 Jobbers twist drills and a malleable iron frame. When lapping, do not remove the frog and handles as this could affect the flatness of the sole. I mailed the 400A? to Jim and when it came back to me I could not belive that it was the same plane.
148 re-numbered to M148 when Marples became part of Record Marples (Woodworking Tools) LTD.1972. Extra bush carriers and fence were also available, enabling extra dowel holes to be drilled. Fully adjustable in all directions, it is also a very easy jig to use with no marking out necessary.

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