The furniture in your home shares to others the type of personality you have as well as the sense of style you put into your home. Carefully crafted into eye-catching pieces of art, furniture is an essential part of every home.
British in the 19th century, teak is still the decking and hull of choice in sailing craft and yachts. Your doors are the first impression anyone will see of your home, so why not make it worth looking at.

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The distinctively patterned black and white plumage of an Avocet with long up-curved beak has been lovingly reproduced in this very tactile, elegant wooden sculpture. The Avocet is the emblem of the RSPB and symbolises the bird protection movement in the UK more than any other species. Made from sustainable wood, each sculpture has a lovely authentic and highly individual character.

All the birds in this range are designed in the UK by British artists and produced in Bali under fair trading conditions. You can find them along the east coast of England in summer and in the South-West in winter.

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