It is no secret why this easel is a best seller here at Jerry's Artarama; it is the greatest quality at the greatest price! The Carolina easel is has a firm quad base (22"x24") and can accommodate canvases up to 84" high!
The Carolina easel by Creative Mark is sturdy and easy to adjust, allowing artists to work sitting or standing up.
An easel made by this plan has the option to regulate the inclination of the working surface during painting.
This easel is suitable for small apartments and studios because it is folding, so it can be folded and put away when not in use. This is the H-frame type of easel, as it has a rectangular silhouette and a solid rectangular base.
Just like the Single mast tabletop easel, this easel can be also used as a portable display easel at home, in the office, trade shows ili showrooms, and you can use it even as a display stand in the gallery, restaurant, for a catalogue of your products, etc. Geometry of the parts is simple and the joints between them are made with dowels and round tenon and mortise woodworking joints. For making the easel parts we recommend using some local wood, that is easy to deal with and has a popular price and for the finish use the paint, wax or lacquer. All woodworking and metalworking plans are under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.
The measurements are given in millimeters, while the measurements given in inches are in brackets (1 inch = 25, 4 mm). Click to Magnify, Double Click to ZoomWith its H-frame construction and quad base, this easel offers great stability for working seated or standing.
We are becoming more aware of challenges of global warming and the effects that harvesting our forests are having on our climate. This handcrafted, H-frame easel can be adjusted from its minimum height of 60" all the way up to its maximum height of 102"! You do not have to go back and forth to add multiple items to your basket from a single page.
The SoHo A-Frame Easel has a rich mahogany finish that adds an air of elegance to any art studio. The canvas top retainer can be moved along the mast, so this easel could hold canvas of the various dimensions. Besides that, while working with it, an easel is on the table, so it takes much less space than conventional easels, whose legs stands directly on the floor.
If you plan to use the easel for painting or drawing, do not spent much of your time to select wood or the finish, because soon it will be stained by different colors. All Jerry's Artarama Exclusive brands come with a guaranteed 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. This handcrafted, H-frame easel can be adjusted from its minimum height of 60" all the way up to its maximum height of 102"!
And because of its oiled and seasoned wood construction, artists can anticipate this easel serving them for years.

The classic A-frame design is one favored by painters the world over, and the rich mahogany finish adds an air of elegance to any art studio. If you plan to use it as a display, then it would be good to select some wood with a beautiful texture, and the finish should highlight the beauty of the wood.
Made from solid finished wood with brass fitting hardware, the SoHo A-Frame Easel is designed to stand the test of time.
I was attracted to these because the price was amazing, especially in bulk, and the reviews seemed overwhelmingly positive.
Measuring 26" wide by 30" deep by 96" high, it can easily accommodate canvases up to 53" high, and has a forward-tilting mast to reduce glare or for pastel art.
My staff and I read the instructions carefully and watched videos and there is zero doubt that we put them together properly. Perhaps the best part is its versatility: the SoHo A-Frame Easel folds flat for storage or transport in just seconds, and sets back up just as fast!
They looked beautiful and we were excited to see the joy on our students faces when they would use them for the first time. Perfect for artists with limited working space, this classic design is made even better by SoHo's spectacular savings! I am using it for a display easel, since it's far too attractive to be splattered with paint. It's so much better made than other easels in the same price range and even better than ones that are a whole lot more expensive.
Even artists of modest height could not get the easel to go up high enough to paint standing.
The fully tightened screws did not hold the angle of the easel well enough nor does the top piece grip the panel or canvas to the mast.
Nearly every bolt has to be retightened or it the entire easel wobbles; one had to be completely disassembled.
I've ended up gluing together a part that came pre-glued in the box on just about every one of them .
I have been working on a 36x48 canvas propped up in a chair so I put it on the easel and it is perfect. I haven't had time to paint with it yet, but it is holding my canvas up so far with no problem.
Don't let the poor assembly instructions provided with this easel keep you from purchasing it. I was looking for an easel to replace the old H-frame that had simply worn out over 15 years of use.
The a-frame style, with legs to the side, allows you to position yourself close, right in front of your canvas, without kicking the easel legs. The tilting feature makes it easy to tilt the canvas forward or back to position it at just the right angle. So, for working on smaller canvases, she adds a spacer to the bottom canvas rest to elevate her canvas about 6 inches.

Though seems like a great price and I was ready to order it … but the poor assembly instructions report deterred me.
If you are tall and prefer to stand when you paint, please be aware that this easel probably will not work for you. I am only 5 ft 3 in and am finding the mast too short to accommodate my larger paintings in a way that is comfortable for me to paint on them.
Just as I was calling to cancel this order and buy a bigger more expensive one they said it just shipped today.
The instruction manual is a sheet of paper with a description of the contents at the top (OK useful if you bother to read it.
I was happy, still annoyed but at least its on its way.Moral of the story I'm so happy with this easel and knowing how good quality it is I would wait 2-3 months for it!
Hex bolts are Alan key bolts (BTW).I gave up on the instructions after ten minutes put the thing together by induction which took an hour. While I was at work my hubby put it all together watching the assembly on YouTube it took him 15-20 min.He was just as shocked at the durable high quality of this item. Just screw four feet onto the bottom chassis, attach the slides on the two support legs, and put on the canvas holders. Him not knowing anything about art supplies etc he was shocked how nice, durable and high quality it is.
My only beef (and I knew this before buying by looking at the pictures) is that the top canvas holder doesn't slide down the stationary mast, just the sliding mast. Since the holders come with both bumpers for canvas and a slot for panels, canvas panels are relatively locked in against the mast anyway so,I suppose that's just me being picky.
I wanted a dark easle so it would match the rest of my furniture, and this is just what I needed. The shelf is tiny, but someone with a little plywood, wood screws and knowhow could amend that quickly. Its a very deep brown, and really, unless you look very closely at it under bright light, it looks black.
That worked out even bettef because my furniture is black.The only downside is the directions.
Not sure how sturdy it would be with a max capacity canvas, but I don't paint that big for now anyways. It completely leaves out the installation of the locking mechanism for the bottom canvas support and the bolt and wingnut for the support leg in the back!
Luckily, I'm used to assembling things so I was able to figure everything out on my own.

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