The Dollhouse Collection is a beautiful and feminine grouping of furniture fit for a little princess with several options just right for your little girl. Just like the conventional bunk beds, the bed tents for bunk beds also come with guardrails and a ladder and are made from hardwood to make sure stability and durability. The main road block to my sharing was that their room resembled a FEMA disaster zone for some time, and I was way too embarrassed to show you pictures of the destruction.
After some decluttering and primping over the weekend, I decided to show you guys the beginning stages of their room.
The room the girls share was Michaela Byrd's, and the window treatments (I'll show you another day) were a really pretty color combo of purples, blue, yellow, and green. A newborn sized clog (?!), clothing tags, MY old stuffed animal, doll clothes, books, and lots of dust. There were enough books under the bed to retrofit a small library, and I filled two trash bags with just junk. The room stays pretty chilly because the pull-down attic stairs are in there, so I layered the end of each bed with a blanket. Michaela Byrd's was a Salvation Army find that matched the purple in the bedding perfectly.

There's not much going on up on the walls yet, but I did score some fab lighting on my last IKEA Shopping Trip. Hers is a particular life saver because she likes waking up at the crack of dawn, and was waking her sister up out of boredom. And lest you think I am some cold mother who forces her children to live a lonely, stuffed animal-less existence, I can assure you otherwise.
I hope you'll join me on Tuesday for the next session in my series on Blog Commenting.
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When I saw twin bedding sets in Target (on sale!) that coordinated with our Waverly fabric to a "T," I just knew I had to snatch them up.
Because I am easily distracted, I forgot all about taking pictures of the bunk beds and just started chucking stuff into piles left and right.
Now she knows she can grab a book and flip her light on until the rest of the house begins to stir. The castle artwork is all hand-painted featuring the serenity of a forest with adorable animals throughout this realistic foliage on the castle grounds .

The single tent bunk beds will be much like aloft bed in that just the upper level is used as the sleeping area. Little girls and boys like to play act their preferred stories and fantasy sceneries, and thus many of them engage magical sceneries like that which a castle bed makes. You can have made for your little daughter a princess loft bed, a prince canopy bed, a princess bunk bed, or a princess Murphy bed.
Each of those castle beds for girls can integrate the similar royal flair, whether her flavors lean more towards gold and silver accents, or frilly or pink lace, or plush, soft, and billowy, or various combinations of all of the above.Girls Castle Tent Canopy BedsCastle Beds For Girls ThemesGirls castle beds themes can be simple to match up with. You can always set the bed up first and then work off from there; in fact, which is the way to do it. You can immediately make your little daughter’s dream come true starting with a castle themed bed. For most custom order castle princess beds, you need to take in depth measurements of your space.

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