Garden-bridges in the past were normally seen only in Japanese or other exotic Asian gardens. Here's some fun and interesting books, videos and dvd's on garden bridges for both inspiration, ideas, and building. Described by its designer Thomas Heatherwick as ‘two giant planters containing 1,000 tons of soil’, the Garden Bridge will form a rural corridor between the south bank and Covent Garden. Love the designs for a new Garden Bridge between the Southbank and Covent Garden in London. Scale When designing your pond bridge, you want to try to pay attention to the scale of your water garden and overall landscape. Style Informal water gardens are best complimented by a flat slab or wood bridge, so as to blend naturally with the environment.
They have close ties to the Far East, where water gardens are connected with meditation and rejuvenation. Please make sure you get the appropriate product as they can all look similar to each other in pictures.

It’s attracted the support of  TfL, and a fundraising campaign that aims to see the bridge built by 2017.
All I can think is we have the Hungerford & Waterloo bridges either side of where this will appear.
Although, not the best idea for every pond, a bridge for your water garden might compliment it beautifully. Before adding a water garden bridge to your pond, there are some design considerations to keep in mind.
The size of your bridge should not be so large that it overwhelms the pond, nor should it be so small that it appears puny in its surroundings.
An arched bridge may be a better choice for a semi-formal pond, while classic lines and handrails are more suited to formal pond designs. Materials Wood is the most popular material used in water garden pond bridge construction.
It should be situated to either lead to another part of the landscape or to a good viewing area.
You can bring this sense of renewal to your own surroundings with a well-chosen garden bridge.Landscape bridges come in every bridge design and material. When I had this idea the south bank was a poor relation, people saying: “Oh, we never go south of the river!” I actually live in Lambeth, and people ask, “Do you need a passport?” All that odd, funny snobbery.

Keep in mind that some ponds are simply too small for a bridge. For small spans a simple flat foot bridge should work. A narrow spot in an irregularly shaped pond is often the most natural position to bridge garden water. Construction For safety considerations, it is important that bridges be of sturdy construction.
Compared to other materials it is inexpensive and easy to work with. Other materials include stone, iron, steel or concrete. Check in here for insider news, tips and deals from the worlds of food, fashion, arts, culture and more.
The width should be wide enough to walk across safely, but still in keeping with the overall scale of the pond.

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