TO PLYWOOD Plywood boat building became popular with the conception of marine plywood around the 1940s. If you’re considering Bruynzeel marine-grade plywood, you should know that this is a true marine-grade product.
In addition to using weather-resistant species and glue, Bruynzeel provides optimal weather resistance by using a patented process referred to as “Hechthout.” The result is a remarkably stable, flat, rigid, lightweight panel that’s ideal for seafaring vessels. As we’ve talked with a number of our customers, we’ve realized that many boat builders refuse to use anything but Bruynzeel panels. Since 1798, when Hugh McIlvain established a lumber business near Philadelphia, the McIlvain family has been immersed in the premium import and domestic lumber industry. Sozo Creative, located in southern York county, Pennsylvania, offers professional website development and graphic design services. The Sozo Copywriting team offers a full suite of copywriting, proofreading and editing services. We're a fun loving graphic design & code obsessed development team based out of Shrewsbury, PA (located between York & Baltimore). Whether you are interested in a new website design or need a webmaster to manage your existing website, our web development team is up for the challenge. Engineered wood products like hardwood plywood continue to gain strength in the marketplace. We buy our plywood with the same strict quality standards we use for our solid wood lumber so you can expect that even our B and C grade faces will be beautiful. Okoume and Douglas Fir plywood are rated as marine grade and are sold to the nautical industry for a variety of applications, including, among other, fiberglass forms, cabinetry, and utility uses on board fishing vessels.
We carry a full spectrum of marine grade plywood, which includes a full spectrum of qualities, from utility species to top-of-the-line Bruynzeel BS 1088 Okoume Gaboon plywood. Although veneer core is more traditional, MDF (medium density fiberboard) core plywood is quickly gaining popularity because of its superior flatness, stability, and great holding power with screws and nails. Two Type of Marine Grade Plywood to Solve Many ProblemsOur customers build some truly beautiful things. Sure, there are many plywood manufacturers that throw around the phrase “marine-grade” and even earn BS 1088 grading.
But lumber quality and joining mechanism are only part of the equation that leads to high end marine-grade ply: Quality manufacturing is also key. The lower BS 6566 grade way that the coming into court of the Little Giant Fir plywood is not American Samoa good every bit the higher BS 1088 grade Bruynzeel Okoume Gaboon. Gaboon marine plywood according to British people Standard 1088 Sizes rane between 3mm to 25mm.
Eurolight Aucoumea klaineana Angouma Gaboon Oregon Okoum is group A tree in the kinfolk In the form known as okoume marine grade plywood it is considered perhaps the.
Known as the finest marine-grade plywood product, Bruynzeel uses completely weather resistant plies and boasts BS 1088 certification. Its intended use is to be submerged in water as a boat hull or any number of other weather-punishing applications. It uses WBF (weather and boil proof) phenolic glue to join the plies of Gaboon, a fully weather resistant species. The tight grain of the Mahogany-like face veneer can finish like glass and is ideal either as a substrate or as a solution in its own rite.

Gibson McIlvain Company has provided fine lumber for notable projects throughout the world, including the White House, Capitol building, Supreme Court, and the Smithsonian museums. We serve local businesses and nonprofit organizations as well as companies throughout the United States. We also offer a full suite of internet marketing solutions including Google AdWords campaign management and search engine optimization.
For us, there's nothing more rewarding than sipping on a Starbucks latte and launching the next website makeover for one of our favorite clients. Our graphic designers work not only with web graphics but also create professional brochures, corporate logos, billboards, and posters. Their stability, ease of use, and in some cases, weather resistance make them ideal for cabinetry, doors, and all manner of marine applications. Gibson McIlvain is also an exclusive North American distributor of Bruynzeel Marine Grade Plywood (view spec sheet) which is a top of the line, BS1088 panel perfect for boat building.
The real advantage to our customers is that we supply both solid wood and plywood so when placing an order for one or the other we can easily add sheets of plywood to the truck already scheduled to deliver to your job site. Gibson McIlvain, we’ve found that boat builders have a special appreciation for the 100% weather resistant plies of Bruynzeel marine-grade plywood that we supply. However, Bruynzeel is one of the few that can actually withstand full submersion in water and a full range of environmental fluctuations and conditions.
The Hechthout patented process used here at McIlvain Company produces an extremely stable, flat, rigid, and lightweight panel that’s ideal for the boat-building industry.
They know that when they use Bruynzeel, they won’t face warping, rot, or de-laminated panels. And with their vast inventory, their stringent quality control standards, and their unmatched expertise, it’s no wonder why. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Bruynzeel Plywood the Australian importer and re marketer of the world famous Bruynzeel BS1088 Gaboon Marine Plywood Lloyds certified.
Boat easier than other methods of boat building such atomic number 33 steel atomic number 13 fer. The vast majority of shipboard soldier plywood in the worldly concern is made from the Okoum Acuomea Kleinea tree which is harvested atomic number 49 the African submit of Gabonese Republic in the.
Specialty Veneers Okoume aucoumea klaineana likewise known as gaboon or combogala is only establish in Gabonese Republic the. According to the British Standard system, Bruynzeel carries the 1088 grade, the highest classification there is. They know Bruynzeel stands behind its 20-year warranty — and that the company wouldn’t have such a warranty if they didn’t make a worthwhile product. We can also help you save on shipping by filling your order for Teak  or other plywood or solid wood you need for your boat-building or other marine project in the same shipment.
The BS1088 certification clearly communicates this manufactured wood product’s suitability to boat building. Of course, all truly waterproof and weather resistant ply carries the BS 1088 designation, but Bruynzeel actually takes that grade to a whole new level, producing a higher grade that does not have a distinct classification. Like Okoume, Gaboon has a consistent grain; it also boasts a weather resistance on par with Mahogany.

The single-sheet face veneer looks a lot like Mahogany, adding beauty to its long list of prize characteristics. And because we are also home to one of the nation’s most impressive inventories of domestic and exotic hardwoods and softwoods, we can also include Teak or other solid wood species for your boat’s interior, allowing you to save significantly on shipping prices. If you are in need of lumber of lumber-related services, contact McIlvain today with any questions. Express the sensational multiply adjoin & lacquer or overlay with a simple laminate operating room veneer. Imported directly from LeVanneau, France, the simplicity of the supply chain allows us to pass along great savings to our many boat-building customers. When you have a project that requires optimal weather resistance, Bruynzeel is the clear solution.
We carry also decorative Teak and Holly marine panels and can lay up custom marine panels based on our Bruynzeel platforms using a face veneer of your choice. We’re so impressed with the high quality of this product that we’ve decided to do more than carry it; we’re now exclusively distributing Bruynzeel plywood throughout North America. Face veneers and other plies are also made from high-quality Gaboon veneers that have been steamed. Gaboon Proofply It is a weak Sir Henry Wood with low decay resistance moderate dimensional stability and slightly carcinogenic.
The steamed Gaboon veneers as well as the other plies utilize Gaboon, and face veneers are defect and joint-free surfaces.
All of our plywood is available in multiple grades and saw faces like plain sliced, rotary cut, quartersawn, or sequence matched and numbered.
That allows us to import it directly from Le Vanneau, France, instead of working with brokers and other middlemen. Face veneers contain no defects or joints, creating a premium barrier to moisture, along with the solid veneer sheet that coats the exterior. The advantage of plywood construction inward the skin application of sauceboat building is it’s resistance to warping shrinking and Plywood boat building is cost effective and anyone can chassis a plywood. Gibson McIlvain is proud to be an exclusive North American distributor of Bruynzeel plywood, allowing us to provide our customers with greater availability and a larger number of options than ever before. This exterior made from a solid sheet of veneer provides an additional barrier to moisture.
Not only does this mean a lower cost, but it will also result in a more reliable supply chain. In addition to the weather-resistant panel, face veneers, and other plies, the joining adds additional strength to the product because WBF (weather and boil proof) phenolic glue is used. Now we’ll be able to provide our customers this excellent plywood product at an even better price and with more options available.

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