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FLDS members say they plan to erect a huge metal monument to reflect the likeness of their imprisoned leader, Warren Jeffs, an anonymous source tells The Daily Beast.
Investigators now know that Jeffs had 78 known spiritual marriages, with 24 being under the age of 16. The jury deliberated less than half an hour to render its decision, but hundreds of FLDS cult followers remain under Jeffs' spell.
I guess its not much different from the lds having dozens of status of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young around the country. I hope someone comes along, plants some dynamite at the base of this statue and blows it to hell. Another way of looking at this abomination of Jeffs statue is it will remind everyone outside the compound what sick people live there. When memory keeps me company and moves to smiles and tears, A weather-beaten object looms through the mist of years.
We had our posy garden that the women loved so well I loved it too, but better still I loved the stronger smell That filled the evening breezes so full of homely cheer, And told the night - o'ertaken tramp that human life was near, On lazy August afternoons it made a little bower, Delightful, where my grandsire sat and whiled away an hour. All day fat spiders spun their web to catch the buzzing flies That flitted to and from the house, where Ma was making pies. But when the crust was on the snow and sullen skies were gray, In sooth, the building was no place where one could wish to stay. Why does the government send welfare checks to these women who swear that are married to Jeffs? Not to attribute too much common sense to the welfare folks, but in their defense, these are not legal wives. Ol’ Jeffs will have a lot of spiritual or celestial wives in jail (or more like he will be their wife but instead of underage girls they will be big burly dudes). Funny you would say that, we were just saying the other day that the men and women in these cults are no different than the fence jumping dogs in the ghetto - allowing various men to father their babies and the government to support them.

When moving to a remote homestead with no plumbing, an outhouse quickly moves from a quaint decoration and conversational piece to an absolute necessity. Free outhouse plans make it possible for persons who need outhouses to build their own outhouses without having to pay other contractors to build them.. Here are your search results for outhouse plan woodworking plans and information The Internet's Original and Largest free woodworking plans and projects links database. However, if you need to build an outhouse, latrine or privy you will find it easier with these.
Outhouse Plans- along with some rather crude humour, some very good outhouse plans have been posted. These huge polygamous tribes are on welfare, and Uncle Sap is paying for their evil life-style with taxpayer money.
And once a swarm of hornets bold had built a palace there, And stung my unsuspecting aunt--I must not tell where; Then father took a flaming pole--that was a happy day-- He nearly burned the building up, but the hornets left to stay.
We did our duties promptly there, one purpose swayed the mind; We tarried not, nor lingered long, on what we left behind.
Why can’t we use some common sense and take into consideration his wealth and deny government aid to them? If they gave ObaMao 80% approval ratings, they would be invited to the white house for dinner, be called a great religion, part of the American fabric and able to keep on doing what their doing. Then I need about a thousand more volunteers to collect all their urine for a couple months; put it in plastic jugs and leave them set in the sun. In the prisoner code of ethics pedophiles are bottom of the barrel and there’s always somebody who wants to make a name for himself by taking out a famous (or infamous) prisoner. However, if you need to build an outhouseyou will find it easier with these outhouse woodworking plans.. Don't try to build a chicken coop without construction plans or your coop may end up looking like an outhouse. An outhouse is a small building, normally refer as outdoor toilet which is away from the house, usually it is.

Print free plans for the Eayres Smokehouse and Outhouse, built in Eayrestown, New Jersey before 1830.
When summer bloom began to fade and winter to carouse, We banked the little building with a heap of hemlock boughs. The torture of the icy seat would make a Spartan sob, For needs must scrape the goose-flesh with a lacerating cob, That from a frost-encrusted nail hung pendant by a string. A modern outhouse for your back yard lowers your water bill and eliminates bathroom smells. If you are short on outdoor storage space, you will be thrilled with this attractive and spacious outhouse-style tool shed.
Not all plans call for a concrete platform, but don't be Building an outhouse, privy or latrine may not be a woodworkers dream.
I can help you find great plans and avoid costly mistakes free outhouse plans – Online discussion summary by BoardReader.
The Village Free School (VFS) is a private school located in Portland, Oregon, United States.
However, if you need to build an outhouse, latrine or privy you will find it easier with these Print free plans for the Eayres Smokehouse and Outhouse, built in Eayrestown, New Jersey before 1830.
Build A Playhouse – Step By Step Blueprint + Free Download Quick and Easy Outhouse Plans. But in the tragedy of life it played a leading part; And oft the passing traveler drove slow and heaved a sigh To see the modest hired girl slip out with glances shy. The parents who toss away their sons & toss their little girls into perverts arms need to be held accountable.

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